To get people started I have put together 4 little e-mail and Video sequences that spread out over 9 days which gives away great information such as:

  • Meal plans for what you really should be eating, over 20 delicious meals to get you lean
  • Reason’s that hold people back from achieving their goals
  • What steps to follow for an EFFECTIVE training program
  • Top 6 reasons people struggle in their fitness/ weight loss goals
  • How to overcome the confusion from the Multiple Media sources
  • How to get over your number 1 hurdle in Fitness and Health success, which is Getting Started
  • Simple steps to show you how to progress from where you are now to where you want to be
  • Why ONLY 2- 4 weeks can change your fitness/health for the rest of your life
  • Why the 80/ 20 Rule is Critical to your long term success
  • How to Enjoy your life while still being great shape
  • How to burn calories not only during but also AFTER  a workout for 24- 32 hours
  • Why running/ walking the roads will NOT get you the figure you want

WARNING: This is for people with a Kick Ass and take names attitude when it comes to training and getting in the BEST shape of your life. If being in shape and having fun is not for you then STAY CLEAR