Body Weight Ab Workout

Here is another full-body workout that can be done almost anywhere. The only small piece of equipment needed is a pull up/ chin up bar which can be easily purchased for €30- €40.

Following a sufficient warm-up of full body movements and light stretching that will have you loosened out, you can start your workout.

The workout consists of:

+ Pull-ups – 5- 10 reps

+ Mountain Climbers – 25- 30 reps

+ 1 leg Romanian Deadlifts – 15- 20 reps

+ Side Thrusts – 25- 30 reps

+ Jump Squats – 20- 25 reps

+ Triceps push-ups – 20- 25 reps

Be sure to do easier variations of any exercise if you are struggling with any of the exercises.

If you can not do the desired number of reps, then just do as many reps as you can and you can progress from there.

Enjoy ; )

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