Beginner Home Workout for Fat Loss

May 15th, 2011

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Beginner Home Workout for Fat Loss

This is a beginner workout that can be done at home. You may not have much or any equipment so this will suit you perfectly.

Just do what you can do and try to build it up week to week and continue to make progress.

Be sure to warm-up before hand with some dynamic movements such as Jumping Jacks and a light stretch.

The workout is as follows:

Set 1

– Press-ups

– 1-leg Hip Extension

Set 2

– Leg Pull Supine

– Squats

Set 3

– Bird Dog

– Side leg Raises

Do 10 reps of each exercise and 2 sets of each set. Try to build up to 12 sets of 3, when you can do that move to another workout.

Make sure to do this workout 3- 4 days a week just to get you started and don’t be afraid to e-mail me with any questions.

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