Home Workout for Fat Loss

May 8th, 2011

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Home Workout for Fat Loss

This is a full body fat loss workout that can be done from home and will help to tone all the body. You do not want to focus on specific areas when aiming for fat loss, make life easy for your self and work all the body in your workout to get real results.

This fat loss workout consists of:

Set 1

– Explosive Push-ups

– Split Squat Jump

– Press-up Walk

– Plie Squats

Set 2

– In and Out Squats

– Combination Thrusts

– Reverse Lunge with Kick

– Grasshoppers

Set 3

– Knees up Burpees

– Jump Overs

– Tuck Jumps

Try to do 2- 3 sets of each set and build up how many reps you can do. Do each exercise for 30 seconds.

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