The 3 reasons to do specific Abs Workouts

May 7th, 2011

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The 3 reasons to do specific Abs Workouts

Abs workouts are very common in the quest to burn fat. If you are overweight in any way and are looking to speed up your metabolism then an ab work out is not going to do it for you.

Have you ever seen an overweight man with big arms, legs and maybe even man boobs with a six pack in the middle.

Of course you haven’t as it just does not work like that. Unfortunately, it is a very common belief that more core exercises need to be added in order to burn belly fat. This is a major misconception that needs to be cleared up big time.

So in order to clear this up, here are a few things you need to think about before getting obsessed about your ab work out.

Diet for Fat Loss

Ever hear the saying that six pack’s are made in the kitchen. Sorry to disappoint you but this is not a myth and is very much a fact. For more information check out this video

Your diet should be kept clean and simple. Avoid all processed rubbish and start eating eggs, beans, chicken, steaks, fish, raw nuts, fruit and veg. Try to get as much free range organic foods as possible.

Be sure to replace all all liquids such as fizzy drinks with natural water. The odd cup of tea or coffee is OK but cut out the extra’s, such as sugar.

Although it is not an absolute necessity try to eat 5- 6 small meals a day, 2- 3 hours a part. There is some debate on this and you just have to work around your own circumstances but try to avoid having big meals to do you 5- 6 hours.

When you have your diet spot on then you can start focusing on a specific ab work out to get better results.

However, until your diet is spot on then there is very little point in worrying too much about abs workouts.

Strength Training

Do you notice the difference in physiques of 100m sprinters to 10,000m runners?

The 100m sprinters are totally ripped and in great shape while the 10,000m runners are very thin and almost gaunt looking.

So why do people still continuously train more like the long distance runner than the sprinter.

The other important factor before thinking about your ab work out is doing your strength training.

There are many varieties of strength training but you basically want to be doing 8- 12 reps of a multi-joint exercise. Keep the reps in this range or lower and gradually add more weight so you can keep continuing muscle growth.

If you can easily do 12 reps then you are lifting to light and will not get any results.

Multi-joint exercises are exercises such as back squats, bent-over rows and bench press. Avoid single joint exercises, such as tricep kick backs unless you are bodybuilding and looking to increase size in specific areas.

The final goal – Lose 10 pounds

A specific ab work out is only really effective when you have the foundations laid and are looking to add the final piece of the puzzle.

When done correctly a good ab work out will be sure to have exercises that include flexion, extension and stabilization, such as this workout.

This will allow the abdominals to grow in every way and develop real strength. Any models you see in magazines would be using this approach and getting the real benefits from it.

They are aiming to really have their abs showing and want striations on their obliques and across their stomach. Weighted exercises and twists such as a cable crunch will be very effective for this goal.

It is important to remember that these guys have already laid the foundations and put in the work to get to this point. The other really important factor is that they are doing really effective exercises such as cable crunches, variations of the plank, sprinters crunch etc, they are not doing 100 sit-ups.

So that is just a quick check list of things you need to consider before obsessing over your belly fat and how to lose it.

Always remember to cover the basics and lay your foundations before getting a few steps ahead of yourself. Get these basics covered for 6- 8 weeks and then see where you want to progress after that.

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