The Importance of Active Rest

Aug 12th, 2011

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The Importance of Active Rest

Ever notice how we can take things way to literally some times.

One great example of this is when we take rest days or off days. When we decide to take one of these days, Sundays being the most common example for people, we will generally ly up the entire day and not move an inch.

The only time we get off the couch is to go to either the toilet or the fridge.

While rest and recovery are important we should all be aiming to have some light activity every day. Will going for a 15- 20 minute walk really kill us?

A study done at the University of Massachusetts aimed to look at what happened to inactive people when they eat too many calories.

These were average people with an average body fat percentage of 23% and also with good fitness levels.

They were then divided into 3 groups.

Ultimately, when getting through the science, the study had some really good points.

The group that were just sitting burned over 2000 calories. So it is important to remember that your organs will always be burning a certain amount of calories.

However, Insulin action was reduced by 39% in the group that stayed seated and 18% in the group that had a small level of activity when compared to the active group.

So just 1 day of sitting around doing nothing lowers your insulin action and eating too much lower’s your insulin even more.

This shows the importance of staying active and where the quote of “Active rest” comes into play.

Always try and keep yourself on the move as much as possible. This just includes simple things like walking, housework etc so just get creative with how you can stay active.

I’m sure there is loads of things that can be around the house either inside or outside.

So get moving ; )

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