But I don’t want Big Muscles

Aug 19th, 2014

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But I don’t want Big Muscles

So a few weeks ago during a class I was trying to get one of the girls to stop pussy footing around with baby weights and lift up some heavier weights. Then I heard this classic….

“But I don’t want big muscles”

I still remember it as it pierced through my ears… in fairness though it was from a great member who has been with us from day one so I know she just said it to wind me up, but it worked!!

This is the problem holding 95% of women back from achieving anywhere near their potential! In fairness it is starting to change but only slowly.

Sometimes you think with so much information overload on Facebook and the likes that everyone knows the basics these days. But then you get chatting to some people and you realise we have such a LONG LONG way to go to really get people sorted…

Haven’t heard it in a long time as I think people know what we are about at this stage but I used to hear it a lot when we opened and when I was working in the Hillgrove…

Also, today we had 3 new young girls in who kept going for the lighest weights possible.. had to have a little word with them after so think they are on the right track now  🙂

It’s ok to lift light the first few sessions so that you get your technique and everything right but after awhile we want to be pushing on!!

The “BIG FEAR” women have is that they are gonna get HUGE and RIPPED

If only it was that easy it would be great. Look at the amount of weights most lads lift and their far from big, lean at best!!

The bigger weight you lift (with good technique) = more muscle damage being created = the body working harder to repair it = more calories burned AAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD also more muscle tissue created….

This muscle tissue is what will make you looking Lean and Mean in that Bikini and also leave it easier to maintain a good figure!!

The reason the guys in the magazines are as big as they are is due to a variety of reasons:

– A lot of them are on Steroids or if not they are on a range of products

– These guys are 100% Committed and live this all year round. At the end of the day these guys make their living via how their bodies look so they are doing A LOT more training than most average joes. No such thing as having a wee glass of wine/ few pints or having random off days!

– They are lifting HUGELY heavy weights

– They are also hitting EVERY muscle group exclusively 1- 2 times a week. So they will spend 60- 90 minutes just doing exercises for their chest!!! Most people in the gym or circuit style classes will hit a chest exercise, then a back, then lower body etc

There are other reasons but I think you get the point at this stage so quit pi**ing about 🙂

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Think “Lift something heavy” and Kick Ass


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