Trust this one thing Only

Aug 25th, 2014

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Trust this one thing Only

When making decisions we all look to everyone else for validation. Asking everyone’s opinion

When quitting my cosy little gym job with my twice weekly Clones classes going well numerous people thought I was mad in the head!!

The first few months of being in business through one of the worst financial crises the country has ever seen many people told me we were too expensive and/ or we don’t have enough variety as other gyms also have Pilates, Spin classes etc so therefore we will never succeed!!

If you want to do something completely different every single day then go on ahead, but just realise you are still going to be overweight and have shit health!!

But while this was going on I got great inspiration from looking at many other business owners both in Fitness and in other fields….

So with all going on there was only one thing to help push me on and believe that it would all work out…


This is the one thing you can trust that will keep you on the right path to making smart decisions and ultimately being happy..

How often do things happen to us where we look back and think “F**k it, I knew that was going to happen” but for some reason we didn’t act to prevent or change it..

This is very common in relationships where people hang on to something that’s not there even though they know in their heart of hearts that it isn’t right..

You know yourself which decision is the right or wrong one but all the other BS from other people is stopping you from making it.

The flip side is that you can be accused of “Not Listening” or “Always doing your own thing”

….well better that than not having the balls to follow through on something you want!!

The only opinions you should ever listen to are from people who have been there and done what you want to achieve, which is funny as this is what we NEVER do!!

A good trainer who gets people great results tells you all you need to know but your friend Susan who works a 9- 5 somewhere with nothing to do with Fitness says “O I read you shouldn’t lift heavy weight or you will get big huge GINORMOUS muscles”…..

or Bob who has worked in Insurance all his life tells you that you need to do XYZ to build your business…

Would you take advice from a single lad in his early 20’s about motherhood and being a parent???

Didn’t think so!!

Another great way to prepare yourself to make good gut decisions as by reading about your chosen topic as much as possible. As Dan Kennedy says the more you read then the more information you have floating about your head ready to be used at any time!!

Think “Trust your Gut” and Kick Ass


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