Admit Failure To Begin Success

Mar 16th, 2016

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Admit Failure To Begin Success

That was the headline on one of the paragraphs when I was reading the other morning

Thom Plummer is probably the Godfather of the fitness business when it comes to running successful training facilities

and he has a very good saying that

All business problems are fixable, it’s the business owners you can’t help

And man isn’t that the truth!

Ever see show’s like Gordan Ramsey’s kitchen nightmare’s

People have their business going absolutely down the drain and yet can’t take advice or any help from someone who has a decent reputation in the game

Not that Gordan has all the answers either but you would think if your business is on it’s knee’s and someone like that comes in you would at least open your mind and say

F it, may as well give this a rattle anyway

But yet

These business owners are having none of it and insist on doing things “Their way” which has gotten them absolutely know where for the past how many years

Which gets us into what is talked about in the rest of the chapter

It talks about how if we invest any time or money into anything it gets harder and harder for us to let go of it

We constantly keep chasing things because we have all ready invested time and or money into it

So we insist on putting more and more time, effort and money into a project but yet the returns never come

This is why we can not throw out those old clothes because we think we might still wear them

Or why we keep working away at that project thinking it will come good instead of just jacking it in

Or still work on that relationship that is making us miserable

But sometimes it’s good to be a quitter

All these little thing’s being dragged out through the mud takes it’s toll on us over time

The chapter also talks about saying NO and how important it is so that you can protect your time

I know a few people who have a problem with this and end up out every night of the week with some committee meeting or another

Again, all things that chip away at your time and headspace and take away from you doing productive things that you are passionate about

Learn to say No and stick to projects you want to be involved in!

So any time something isn’t going to plan the first thing we need to do is admit our failure and assess how we are going to change that

and admitting this failure is usually the hardest part..

Just like when people are convinced a certain training method is the only way to train (Click here to read more about how women are lied to about how to get into shape)

They keep pounding away at this method even though it’s getting them absolutely nowhere

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Think Big And Kick Ass


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