How to tell who is full of BS in the Fitness Industry…..

Mar 17th, 2016

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How to tell who is full of BS in the Fitness Industry…..

The main thing in the fitness industry these days is that everyone is so confused

Everywhere you look there is information on what to eat

how to train

7,9 or 14 day diets

recipes for getting lean

Paleo this

Insanity that

Then you have the “Sugar free” diet cookbooks that have honey and/ or Fruit in every meal

Ok, cause that makes sense!!

Is it any wonder people are so confused and don’t know where to turn

So I will give you my little opinion on how to know how to trust

Start from a point of complete cynicism

Assume that everyone is FULL of BS until proven otherwise

And I am including me in that as well

You have no right to take everything I say as gospel either

And how do you learn if they are any good

1 – Follow them for a few week’s or even better a few months to see if they seem like someone you would like to work with or do they do business in a good way

2 – Take their FREE advice and apply it as best you can. If the free info helps you a bit then start looking at their programs etc and if it didn’t then you know it’s not for you

And when I say “helps you” I mean making you feel good about yourself and having good energy levels etc

Not losing some weight to get into a dress but feeling like you could collapse at any moment if a gust of wind came…

Another tip is if they are pushy with the sale then run for your life because they must know their product is shit and have no faith that you will be back

Everything else is just marketing BS to try to rope you in

A lot of the testimonials these guys come up with are either made up or paid for

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Which is why you see so many celebrities endorsing any crap going

It’s the handiest few pound they will ever earn

I push the testimonials of clients from each facility fully confident that when people come in and do our sessions they will get similar results.

The very LAST thing you should do is sign up and pay money for something that seems to be to good to be true

because if it doesn’t involve some hard work then it most definitely is!

Which is why we give a first class free in both facilities so people can try it out for themselves

and it works a treat as 9/10 people will be delighted with it and come back to the facility.

So if you, or a friend, have been wondering about who to trust and where to get started for the results you want

maybe it’s time to try your free session and see what you think for yourself!

Think Big And Kick Ass


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