First class problems..

Apr 12th, 2016

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First class problems..

Last Monday was a bit of a crazy day in the Enniskillen facility with so many of the new 6 week group starting
Can get a little messy sometimes as people have to get use to our little ways and can be a bit of a surprise to people to be swinging Kettlebells etc for the first time
Have been chatting to most people someway via the facility or either online and received this email over the weekend
That’s great thanks Darragh. Yeah just got to 2 classes last week(a wee sick child threw a spanner in the works!) but to be honest very sore after mons class could barely walk!!girls in work having right laugh at me! A lot better after fri’s class but the classes are great think best I’ve been at so hopefully will be able keep it going..
(Click here to read “I never thought it would be so enjoyable”)
As always there is always going to be a “spanner in the works”, such is life
But she made her 2 classes, which is great for week 1
and when she has a normal week she can try to push for 3 or 4 sessions
It’s that consistency that is key for everyone, that is most important
Walking a little funny is completely normal when going week’s, months or even years of doing nothing or very little and then banging out some Squats and Lunges
It’s hard in a group setting to make sure people don’t over do it as they will always try to keep up with the person beside them
cause they don’t know that that person has been training for 12 to 18 months and is flying!
Unfortunately these pains can put some people off but you have to get back in for that second class and get at it (Click here to read about first class problems)
Otherwise you put it off for a long time until the next time you think
I have to do something, I’m gonna join Dutchy’s
Then the process repeats itself
Over and over
Either that or you just give up on it and let your health go down the drain..
So if your work mates we’re laughing at you last week, take comfort in the fact that
You weren’t the only one
and well the last bit about
but the classes are great think best I’ve been at
well schucks
We do try our best  and all that
Think Big And Kick Ass
As I write this I think there are about 2 spots left on our Cavan Ladies 6 Week Program
This is not hype or BS but I have been studying different program’s in various gym’s in the UK, US and Australia etc and 6 week programs seem to be the norm for getting people started
I think 6 weeks just appeal to people so well as it’s long enough period to actually get some results and at a slightly discounted rate it’s the perfect storm for people to finally get started or back into it
Either way the Enniskillen one filled up in no time and the Cavan one looks to be doing similar.
Not sure if or when we will be running any future one’s as the classes can obviously only take so many people at once, especially Enniskillen as it is a smaller unit.
There’s the link if you want to get signed up today..

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