Sexy only works for strippers

Apr 27th, 2016

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Sexy only works for strippers

Gonna keep this one short and to the point

For all us ordinary folks Sexy doesn’t pay the bills or get the job done

We have to work, sweat and bust our ass to get any sort of results in any area of life

Sexy only works for strippers

And in the fitness game it’s important to remember the ole saying

To look like a Fox, you must sweat like a Pig

That’s sweat like a Pig now, not to be mistaken for eating like a Pig 🙂

Unfortunately far too many people want to look like a fox by lying around on their ass

Or taking some special supplement or cream that will do wonders for them apparently (Click here to read the real deal on supplements)

Well nothing will ever replace hard work and there are no shortcuts to long lasting success

None of these special Spa days where ya get all pampered or little creams “that make you 10 years younger” will come close to putting in hard work and getting your body moving the right way

And no better way to sweat like a Pig than our Platinum program to combine our classes with heavy weights to get yourself lean and toned for the summer (to find out more about our Platinum Program click here)

We start up again this Monday coming and have a few spots available in different time slots so if you are interested be sure to reply to me here and let me know

You will get 2 Strength sessions a week to lift heavy weights and get strong (Yes ladies, as you know from reading these emails that is the best way to long term sustainable results) as well as many classes as you want and Nutrition support and a Bodymap session (to find out more about Bodymap click here)

Basically you get everything you need for bad ass results

Think Big And Kick Ass


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