Should you do sit-ups?

Apr 21st, 2016

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Should you do sit-ups?

So last week I got an interesting question from a member via Facebook

What’s the best way to tone up abdominals and tummy. I’ve lower back problems and find anything like sit ups causes problems.

This is probably one of the most common questions and debates in all of fitness.

Sit-ups/ Crunches or whatever ya call them are SO overrated it isn’t even funny

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There is just absolutely zero need for them

The US Navy and Marine Corps are starting to ban them and get them out of their training programs

They have found that a lot of their injuries are coming from Sit ups and the pressure they put on peoples low back

Stuart Mc Gill has wrote a lot of books and released DVD’s on the topic and he is strongly against sit ups

He suggests that a lot of sit ups over time can squeeze the discs of the spine leading them to bulge and press on nerves causing a lot of pain

Everyone is now recommending planks or exercises that get the core activated so that you have to keep it tight (Click here for a body toning workout)

Exercises where you might hold a weight over you head and walk over and back

Banded exercises where you have to have complete control of you body rather than falling all over the place

This gets the core totally fired up and is doesn’t put any undue stress on the low back

The Canadian armed forces have got rid of sit ups and now have their men carry 44 pound sand bags instead

You think their core isn’t working trying to lug them about

Of course it is…

Throwing in the odd set here and there for variety and for the fact that some people still need to feel “the burn” on them is ok

But in our sessions we focus more on the full body alternatives

As low back pain is one of the most common injuries people get and we pride ourselves on our clients being able to train for a long time injury free and enjoying it

Then we keep the traditional crunch to an absolute minimum..

And how to get rid of that spare typre?

Resistance training hitting every muscle group in the body and a solid diet of course (Click here to see how to lose belly fat with this workout)

​​​​​​​I know I know, how boring!

This get’s you burning up all that fat and taking it off the tummy slowly but surely

Those 100 sit ups after your hour on the treadmill in the “Fat Burning Zone” ain’t worth diddly

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