Your too big and old to exercise

Jul 7th, 2016

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Your too big and old to exercise

This is what pretty much everyone think’s when starting in our facilities and so did this member who is now kicking ass and taking names… (Click here to read about all shapes and sizes coming together or Click here for “Darragh, should I stop doing your classes”)

Hi Darragh

It has taken a bit of time for me to give feed back but now i feel i ready. I joint dutchy fitness the end of august last year for me time. in the first 8 months of the year i lost 4 very close family members to me who had past away. my husband had took very ill and close to death on holidays in august too. it was him who sugested i needed time for me as l was always caring for others.

In my first few weeks of dutchy i thought i would never stick it bit nervous incase people thought i was big or to old for exercising. i didn’t let it beat me your instructors were so good full of encouragement.

Thank you all for this for you DArragh the emails were great. I set my goal attend classes and make a commitement to do this till christmas. Then in january i made some changes in the diet.

It was around february when people noticed i looked different and wait loss.To date i have lost over a stone and half.

People say i have lost more and i have inches. I’m down two dress sizes on top and one in my bottom half.Hopefully by end of august i will drop the other size on the anything is possible with hard work and commitment.

If there was something to change or address would be class sizes when we have 20plus in the class there is little room.The trainers have adapted their programme to suit but your facility is two narrow it is cramped.Sometimes your nearly on top of them.

I would like to say your equipment and programme is good and caters for everyone.Think STephen might of died if i asked for help on elastic band over the bar and we had to knee up there. This is the only one exercise i laugh at and say not me lol.

Darragh your instructors are excellent they provide a varied programme .ITs is delivered to the best. I promote your club to everyone who knows me when they ask how i loss the weight. Hope your good to your team as they do a great job.

First of all, of course I take great care of them, sur their all spoilt 🙂

So read that again as there is really great info there in loads of areas

About doing something for yourself

The unbelievable tough year she had beforehand

How she made decent progress with the training but thing’s started to improve even more when she improved her diet

and so on, so I am serious when I say read it again!

Also, regards the 20 people in the class and the size of the facility. There are a couple of options here that we could look at and play with.

Of course what people in business tend to do in situations like this is just up their prices which will lessen numbers but keep profit up

But I would rather not have to go down that road as I like to keep prices at a point where we are more expensive than all the rubbish stuff out there (Click here to find out Why people really pay us money?)

yet cheap enough that people who genuinely want to improve their health can afford it, for the most part anyway!

So I put a post up on FB yesterday about a 9 or 11 class in the morning’s and a 4 class in the evening’s.

Luckily it’s only maybe one class a week that there is more than 20 so there’s no need for panic stations yet but as the business is growing a lot the past few months and I will be hoping for more this coming Winter then obviously we want to accommodate our members as best we can.

This is only for Enniskillen as the Cavan unit is more than big enough for big number’s, for some reason I couldn’t find the ideal unit I wanted in Enniskillen so this unit was the best I could get

And it’s still very good, we just have to tweak things to keep everyone happy.

So let me know your thought’s!

Until then though read that great story above one more time and if you want to get yourself or a family member/ friend started then check out the link!

Ladies 6 Week Program Enniskillen

Think Big And Kick Ass


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