2 of the most basic tips EVER

Sep 5th, 2016

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2 of the most basic tips EVER

It’s that time of the week again

That Monday feeling where most people feel bad about their weekend antics, or maybe even guilty about an alcohol induced mistake, and now feel bad about the weeks work ahead (Click here to read why you should never miss a Monday)

and that is why it is important to

Never Miss A Monday

and get yourself straight back on track and start the week well!

A good solid workout will do wonders for your mood and help you get the focus in on your diet etc as well…


Remember the new timetable starts the 19th but with numbers getting busier already I probably could have went even earlier but we will slog it out for the next 2 weeks

I will be covering Alan this week as he is off on his hols so will see a few more of yas than usual… After this week and with the new timetable I plan on being in both facilities a lot more and make myself go down!

This is also a factor in cutting back the emails to 5 days just to free up some admin/ laptop time and be in the gyms more!

We are now into week 5 of the current Cavan ladies 6 week program and have started to get some feedback, such as:

Hi Darragh,

I am really enjoying the classes and love the fact that each one is different and we never quite know what to expect in terms of exercises and equipment use. The 45 minutes go by so fast – its great! I am getting to three classes a week so far and am hoping to keep this up as its manageable for me. I feel I am getting fitter and am trying to improve my ability to do so the exercises better to get more out of them – in particular the press ups & planks (my least favorite and most difficult to do correctly). I am also pushing myself to use heavier weights. I don’t notice much change in clothes fitting/weight loss at this stage but I knew I had a lot of work to do but I will keep going.

In relation to the nutrition guide my water in take is definitely up – I have no problem drinking the 1.5-2 litres a day – especially when I exercise. This has just been a matter of me making the conscious effort to make sure I keep drinking water and I only drink chamomile tea so that counts too. And I am watching my food intake and including a lot more protein and cutting down on bread, in particular, which is a weakness of mine.

You did send me the Advanced Nutrition Programme and on the first read I admit to finding it very daunting. Like a lot of people it takes me time to change but it has made me focus more on the food I am eating and the choices I make.

The problem with the Advanced program is that it is a little overwhelming and can put people off starting out which is obviously the last thing we want to do

Which is why I created a simpler program that just sticks to the basics that this member must have accidently not received so we will get that to her ASAP and she will be flying… (Click here for Complicate Nutrition Myths Explained)

She is also pushing herself to lift heavier weights!!!

Well hip hip hooooooooooraaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!

The message is finally getting through after all this time 🙂

And 2 of the most basic, yet effective, things you can do with your diet!

Eat more Protein and cut down on bread… (Click here to read about 12 Weeks of this….)

If everyone done this it would be a hell of a start folks!

As of today you will be seeing an Ad on FB promoting the next 6 week program to start Monday the 19th of September which is open to both Male and Females and being run in both facilities

Would really appreciate an aul share and tag any of your buddies that may be interested, that would be fierce sound of ya….

Think Big And Kick Ass



A few regular members have asked when there will be a 6 week program for them.

The 6 Week program is basically just a trial run of all we do regards our workouts and diet etc and then we weigh and measure as well.

So you already have access to the workout and the Nutrition. If you want a 1-2-1 sit down to go over your Nutrtion more then just give me or a trainer a shout and if you want to get weighed and measure then just arrive early to a class and ask the trainer to do it for you.

Hope that all makes sense.


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