Behold ye the EPOC monster

Oct 18th, 2016

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Behold ye the EPOC monster

Back a few months ago I asked what questions people would like me to answer in the emails and 1 member asked:

I would like to know the science of why certain training works. I come from the mindset of walking and loads of cardio being the best for results but have recently found Dutchy’s much more beneficial, why is that?

Which is a very good question of course and pretty easy to answer

Of course it’s not just a black and white answer and there are numerous variables involved. 1 being that we hit EVERY MUSCLE GROUP in the body

This is a MASSIVE failing from most training programs and from just walking or doing cardio all the time. There are big muscles all over the body, work these muscles the right way and they will burn loads of extra calories for ya both during and after the workout (Click here for 3 quick and easy fat loss tips)

Another factor we base our workouts on is not doing the same muscle group 2 exercises in a row. So for example if you do Push- ups in 1 exercise you want to be doing lower body, Cardio or a back exercise next. You definitely don’t want to be going into a DB Bench Press

That would be more for muscle growth but for fat loss in a 45 minute window you need to be using your time as best you can..

Of course we will mix things up the odd time is there is a place for really hitting the same muscle group hard in the one session,

but do this all the time and it will just get boring and repetitive and isn’t the best use of your time. (Click here to read Burnout Versus Boredom)

Another big factor that you have heard me harp on about a lot in these emails is of course

Resistance Training

That is basically just anything that is a resistance. (Click here to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle with Metabolic Resistance Training)

These 3 factors create a massive disturbance on the body which is known as

Excess Post Oxygen Consumption

There is some debate to the effects of EPOC and just how much of an impact it has but all these factors combine to leave you burning calories for 24 to 32 hours after exercise

Your muscles will grow and repair in the hours after such a workout and leave your body something a “Fat Burning Furnace” in this time

Which is why people doing this type of workout 3 to 4 times a week get much better results than people doing Cardio or “Bits and bobs” shall we say in a gym! (Click here for 3 reasons to limit cardio for fat loss)

Lastly of course there is the psychological factor of trying to make people feel welcome and at ease in their workout and not scared that GI Joe is going to rip their heads off for not doing a full push up

And this attitude then helps people to get started and progress etc to get proper results long term!

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