6 Simple Tips to not Surrender like the French this Xmas

Dec 15th, 2016

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6 Simple Tips to not Surrender like the French this Xmas

Apparently, going by sites of random facts, the French language has 17 different words for the term “surrender”

No wonder they can never win a bloody war…..

But my battle for you to win is the dreaded Xmas “becoming a fat mess” battle that we all face

and let’s be honest we all lose, but some lose a hell of a lot more than others!

Some people completely go to town when there is absolutely no need for it

While we will all have a good time and enjoy the craic here are a few very simple steps to take to try and lessen the damage:

1 – Eat your Protein During day – When you do have control over your meals stock up on Protein and Veg. Whenever you are out Partying or at friends house you know what you are going to be eating so get the good stuff in when you can

2 – Do light exercise – And I mean light. If your partying hard and training hard you will burn the candle at both ends and end up sick or run down like has happened me before. (Click here for 3 Simple Steps to build aerobic fitness)

So go for a gentle walk or some light exercises just to keep yourself going.

3 – Drink enough Water – No excuse for not doing this (Click here to find out the Many Benefits of Water)

4 – Get your sleep in when possible – Have a nap or a ly in when you can to get the batteries well charged (Click here to find out about the Power of the Nap)

5 – Start the day with a good breakfast – A bit like step 1, control what you can control! Getting the day off to a good start is always vitally important.

6 – Get your Vitamins in – As best you can get your veg in, some fruit and/ or your Vitamin supps

You mightn’t get all of these done every day but if you do some of them most days then it will be New Year before you know it and you will be ready for action no problem and have done some damage limitation

This will mean that first workout will be tough to get you going again but after that you will be back on the horse!

Think Big And Kick Ass



We got a little extension to our SVP Toy Drive and they will be collecting all in both facilities tonight.

I am putting €300 of vouchers in as well so hopefully if we can get a few more in today we will have a good wee collection so all donations much appreciated!


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