Good to see judgement & hype are alive and well

Dec 5th, 2016

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Good to see judgement & hype are alive and well

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us on Saturday night. Was a very good night’s craic and everyone seemed to enjoy it from what I gathered and a few more new friendships we’re made

Can get a bit messy and out of hand so will be in that “Second day depression” type mode now today so it’s important I hit Platinum at 11:30 as I wouldn’t do a tap myself today…


Not sure if you have been watching Vogue Williams on RTE doing random stuff

Haven’t been watching it either but I did record the one about Body Image and bodybuilding etc

While some of it was very interesting there was the usual media hype and BS

She took part in a Figure Competition where contestants get up on a stage in a Bikini or speedos all tanned up and doing different poses etc

Now it isn’t my cuppa tae but each to their own. What annoyed me was how the show just wanted to give off the impression that everyone up there suffered from serious body issues and was torturing themselves to go through with this (Click here to find out how to talk to your daughter about body issues)

And while there is of course people there with issues, as there is everywhere, and taking things to far, there would be plenty of people up there very happy within themselves and just looking for a challenge and something to compete for (Click here to find out what studies have shown the importance on this 1 thing….)

There seems to be this thing the media like to push that if something takes a lot of commitment then it really isn’t worth it and you are some sort of headcase for doing it

It’s a bit similar to the talk going on in GAA about county players having to give to much commitment.

While you will always have some managers/ trainers doing nonsense stuff at the end of the day if people want to compete, and win, at a high level then you will have to give extra commitment than the guy who is happy just to take part.

And no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head to do it either

If you want to get better results in exams or that first class degree then you have to give that extra commitment than most people in your class and maybe miss out on a few night’s on the lash (Click here to find out if you are making these excuses)

If you want to go self employed and build up a business then you better be prepared for that to take over your life and work yourself into the ground for at least the first year until you build it up

And depending on how it goes and even at certain busy periods, that business will take over your life at certain points for the rest of your life.

Yet when it comes to fitness anyone who doesn’t just sit round stuffing their face with whatever rubbish takes their fancy, like children do, then there is something wrong with them and they are missing out on life apparently.

So while we obviously have to keep an eye on people with issues and going to far with things we should also remember that some people actually enjoy the challenge of getting to a certain point and the work that goes along with it rather than just taking any excuse to laze about

There was a lot of Xmas parties out and about there Saturday so a lot of people are probably feeling similar to myself today

Make sure to get your workout done and get yourself started on the right foot for the week, it’s to early to jack it in for Xmas yet (Click here for Doable Long Term Advice)

Think Big And Kick Ass


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