O that’s a bit risky for me

Dec 14th, 2016

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O that’s a bit risky for me

During the little get together in Birmingham the chat came up of

Risks V Calculated Risks

and the MASSIVE difference between the 2.

1 of the lads talked about how before he got into Fitness he was involved in Property Management, this would have been during the boom and before the crash

He ended up borrowing thousands of thousands off various friends and relatives to stump up enough money to make a deal happen

Of course this deal was gonna make them 10 times the money they put in and they we’re all going to be millionaires

because that’s how it works for everyone of course! (Click here to read the $5000 lesson)

In fairness to him he admitted what a muppet he was and how he fancied himself as a real Gordan Gekko figure

Then the crash came and the hole lot went belly up and himself, his wife and his 2 kids had to end up moving back in with her parents!

And he had to start from scratch all over again and in fairness to him he got involved in fitness and has build up a very successful business for himself

But that was all obviously a very stupid risk and really set himself up for failure

And these are the examples a lot of people like to use any time you are taking a risk in life or doing anything that takes a bit of balls (Click here to read Admit Failure to Begin Success)

They totally forget that there are loads of ways of taking very Calculated Risks that start very small but have pretty big upside potential

And maybe even massive upside potential in 12 to 24 months if you are willing to put in the work and play the long game…

The real problem is that people want the quick solution. They want to take say €20’000 and make one deal and turn it into half a million

They want to take 2 shakes a day or some magic supplement and have the weight fall off and stay off (Click here for the Real Deal on Supplements)

They want to do Mickey Mouse exercises where they don’t have to work hard and then get an arse like Beyonce

It’s only in the long game where the results are seen, no matter what anyone tells you! (Click here for Doable Long a Term Advice)

Any time you are about to put your head on the chopping block people will always have great examples of how it can fail because so and so couldn’t make it work and ended up going belly up

Well maybe so and so made a complete dog’s dinner of it and didn’t put the work in?

Or maybe so and so is a moron who thought they could get magical results overnight?

Whatever way you want to take it, people can always have examples of why something can fail and that is why people never get ahead in any area of life but in this case, their fitness and health

And maybe this time when you do it with the right trainer in the right environment it will work and work BIG TIME

But only if you play the long game!

Think Big And Kick Ass



If you can get your present in for St. Vincent de Paul today then that would be swell…


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