The Pre Shower Push Up Routine

Dec 7th, 2016

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The Pre Shower Push Up Routine

Any books you read about success or successful people in any walk of life generally have 1 major thing in common

Good habits done every day to get them closer to where they want to go

So while people see people having a bit if success and think they just rolled out of bed and landed on a lucky charm that tends to rarely be the case

I have attempted various things over the years but just realised that the last 8 weeks there are certain things I have been doing every day without even realising it

Some of these include

– Writing at least 1 email every day. (Been doing this since Feb)

– Workout every day or at least 6 days a week and the other day is a rest day which is every bit as vital.

– Tracked and hit my Protein every day equaling some #gainzzzzzz

– Do a max set of push ups before I hit the shower every day

The push up one I have been doing on and off this long time but have got a bit more into it lately. (Click here for Female Push Ups)

At the minute the record is 55 in a row and the number of course varies depending on different variables such as how hard the workout was beforehand, sleep etc

So it’s nothing major but just a little goal to keep going at and see how it varies day to day and try to beat my best, maybe some day hit the 100 mark!!

As I mentioned in these emails a few months back I had sort of lost my mo jo for training a bit,for the first time in along time, for a variety of reasons but it’s back with a bang now!

But the importance of quality daily habits can not be underestimated as it is the daily habits that snow ball and generate your momentum and get you the real results long term (Click here to read “No Surrender”)

Not the little mickey mouse results where you make a little progress one week and then fall back the next and end up giving up

The real big results that will change your life come from doing the quality habits day in day out

And you can start them at any time and it can be absolutely anything.

Read X amount of pages every day

Eat X amount of Protein per day

Drink X amount of water per day

or whatever you need to do to bring the thing forward.

Make sure to start small and simple and don’t over complicate it and also, try to make it something fun for yourself as well…

Because at the end of the day

Inch by Inch,

Life is a Sinch

Yard by yard,

Life is Hard.

(Click here to read Inch by Inch…)

Think Big And Kick Ass


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