Focus on this above ALL else

Jan 13th, 2017

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Focus on this above ALL else

As I said the other day I finally hit 1000 people reading these emails. (Click here to read that email)

My goal is to have everyone in the Clones, Cavan and Enniskillen area who are interested in improving their health reading these emails

Bit of a big goal that will be never ending of course but if I can get a large percentage well then we will be improving a lot of people’s lives and of course we should be able to keep our gyms in business!

So we will keep building towards that and hopefully numbers keep going up the way

But of course it takes a right bit of work and if you want to get reasonably good at anything then the best thing you can is learn off the best (Click here to read the next step to the master plan)

Which is a big thing I think people miss in life, usually due to the fact that if you want to learn from the best then you have to be decent bucks to do so

But this is the big bad world and

You have to pay to play in this world!

One of the main men in the email marketing world is a guy called Ben Settle who I have followed a lot in the past year and bought a right few of hisproducts

Including his monthly Newsletter called Email Players…

Anyhoo in this months he was talking about controlling what you can control and not stressing over all the BS things that you can’t control

and about how so many guys in business get obsessed about numbers that they think they can control but really have no control over

Something I have also learnt over the years and he made a great comparison to the fitness world so I have wrote out some of it here for you:

“On January 1st 2016 I weighed in at 184 pounds (My normal weight is in the mid 150’s, give or take.) Instead of setting a specific weight goal (which would just stress me out every morning on the scale asmy weight fluctuated – weighing yourself is perhaps the dumbest and most frustrating way to measure weight loss because your body retains water and is changing constantly, and many times upticks in weight may have nothing at all to do with fat and you could even be technically thinner…) I focused on what I could control. Like eating better, exercising, not drinking beer (as much) or eating sweets, upping my Protein intake, walking more, drinking more water, not going out to eat as much and soon. Those things I can control.”

While we do weight at the start and end of the 6 Week program we do it as a lot of people will always want it and it’s a good way of sort of selling the program and getting people in the door to be honest (Click here to finding out the benefits of measuring inches)

But rather than focusing on WEIGHT loss you should be focusing on FAT loss and there is a massive difference between the 2.

He also talked about

“Do the right things long enough consistently”

God damn it,

How boring!!

So we should all take the reminder to focus on what we can control and forget the rest!

Think Big And Kick Ass


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