The social media disorder

Jan 18th, 2017

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The social media disorder

On the little site of Random facts that I check out now and again it states that

“Facebook Addiction Disorder” is a mental illness identified by Psychologists

This I would no doubt easily believe and the same can be said for all Social Media so maybe

“Social Media Addiction Disorder” is a more accurate description.

I have often thought how I would love not to be on Social Media at all and we arn’t a very big Social Media family other than Twitter to check the GAA scores

but in this day and age you simply can’t expect to run a successful small business without solid social media and it has been very good to us! (Click here to read O, your the Facebook guy!)

Simon Sinek has a great talk here regarding millenials that you can watch here

Basically that millenials have an “Entitled” mindset that the world owes them something

From being told by their parents that they can “acheive anything” and being put in the “smart” class because mammy and daddy kicked up a fuss

to following Social Media and everyone letting on how perfect their life is even though their a mess!

We also see everyone getting medals for competing even when you get your ass kicked

When you get your ass kicked in the real world there isn’t a hole pile Mammy and Daddy can do about it!

There was also a great talk recently on the Radio about how college kids are asking for the quick route for courses etc and don’t see the point in having to read all these books and such like and just get all their info off Wikipeidia

It’s hard not to agree with a lot of it when you see how “generation snowflake” behaves nowadays and living in a little bubble behind their Social Media profiles (Click here to read his Generation Snowflake is now in effect)

Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean EVERYONE in that age bracket. I would like to think not anyway seeing as I’m part of it

But the good news is that the people that are willing to work hard and really put the effort in will push on and get the results

So that’s up to everyone to take responsibility for their own corner and take care of it!

If you follow alot of Fitness pages and Business pages you see this ALL the time plastered all over Social Media

Get the Body and business you want and live the dream without any work and I think everyone falls for it to some degree

But when you realise the work it takes day in, day out then, and only then, will you acheive solid results in any area. (Click here to find out Why Free Stuff Costs you Money)

Think Big And Kick Ass


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