Education is never wasted….

Mar 1st, 2017

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Education is never wasted….

Got great feedback from yesterdays email so thanks for that, even got a few shares on Facebook which I always appreciate so any emails you think are helpful for people then I would greatly appreciate any Social Media love…..

The other night we finished the “Making a Murderer” series on Netflix, have to say highly recommended..

While I don’t fancy myself as a lawyer we both thought he was innocent

Just far to many holes in the evidence and way too much dodgy stuff going on behind the scenes

It was revealed that when the jurors started their final deliberations after the trial that 7 jurors thought he was innocent, 3 thought he was guilty and 2 weren’t sure

Then 1 of the jurors who had to leave at the last minute for family reasons talks at the end that he thought he was innocent and so did most of the juror but there were some very stubborn and influential people in there who had no open mind to anything…

The juror thought maybe the rest finally buckled as it was dragging out so long

Even though this is to put a man away to prison for the rest of his life!!

Pretty amazing how people can be manipulated like that in such important circumstances….

Did you watch it, you think he was innocent or guilty?

What does this have to do with Health & Fitness?

probably not a whole pile to be honest but there is one thing

People are very easily lead

and the people that run their months as if they are hard asses are usually the weakest and easiest lead!

And that’s why people jump on every Fitness bandwagon going and are so easily lead by all the media nonsense out there, as discussed in yesterdays email… (Click here to find out why this is getting out of hand)

1 thing you learn as you get older is that Knowledge really is power and education is never wasted (Click here to read Did you know?)

The people who are constantly trying to open their minds and learn about more things are the people that get ahead and are also more happy in their life I find

as they know whats really out there and that they have it pretty good rather than pissing and moaning about first world problems!

The sooner people focus on educating themselves and trying to learn off people that are out there walking the walk and not just talking the talk, in all aspects of life, then the better for everyone…. (Click here to read about Small Minds Vs Big Minds)

So they can start getting results like this lad from our last 6 Week program:

Hi Darragh,

Hope all is well.

Just to let you know that I’ve really enjoyed the 6 week program that I started in January, best gym sessions that I’ve ever been involved in. Short and to the point. No messing around for hours in the gym.

I missed the 6th week as I came down with that bloody winter vomiting bug that’s been doing the rounds but during the 5 weeks I was there, I lost 7kgs, which by my calculations is just over a stone! Absolutely delighted! I haven’t done the measurements but I’ll get one of the guys to do it for me next week.

I’ve just signed up for a 6 month membership and really looking forward to it. The missus is pregnant at the moment and due in May but once she’s able for it, I’m going to sign her up too. I reckon she’ll love it!

Thanks again, you’re doing an absolutely brilliant job with the classes.

awww schucks

what can I say,

It’s just how we roll!!

Think Big And Kick Ass



Our 6 Week programs are filling up well….

If you haven’t done any of our programs before or haven’t been into either facility for over a year then be sure to check out the relevant link for you

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