Be happy but never satisfied

Apr 12th, 2017

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Be happy but never satisfied

Hope you didn’t miss me to much in the ole inbox yesterday but back here again

Have the second game of the league tonight so hopefully get another win in the bag and finally got me fitbit last night so looking forward to getting set up on that and see what the stats will show

We have had a couple of busy days in both facilities, especially in the mornings, which is a little surprising with the holidays on but great to see everyone keeping their training up

and their diets as well I hope!!

With this being the last week of this 6 Week program we will be weighing and measuring everyone and getting their feedback off things

Always great to see how everyone has got on and the positive attitudes so many do start having towards exercise and keeping fit

Of course there are always a few that maybe don’t get the results they wanted for whatever reason but its usually something simple that can be changed with some simple tweaks…

While the 6 week programs are great they are of course just a starting point

not a finished product as our fitness and health is never a finished product!

As the saying reminds us of so many things in life:

Always be happy,

Never be satisfied!

I think that is a great attitude to it

It’s easy to think that you will get to a certain point in life and think that’s it now,

the hard works done! (Click here to find out what is the hardest part)

But that will never happen in anything

There will always be new challenges on the horizon and new goals to overcome (For 3 ways to stick to your fitness goals click here)

If you like or not

and you can whinge and cry about these things or you can get up and attack them and enjoy the challenge

We often get asked

When does it get easy?

But as you know it never gets easy as you continue to push yourself on more and more

Its the same in other areas of life as I feel in business that I just need to get to THIS POINT and it will be sussed

but then when you get to that point you find you have to maintain it (Click here to find out The Key to being Consistent)

which is every bit as hard!

Just when you get to that weight or fitness level you wanted,

now you have to maintain it!

At the minute I am very happy where I am but I know it takes the work day in and day out to try and keep me there and taking the eye off the ball will only lead one way

So remember that it’s a long journey and

Always be happy,


Never be satisfied!

Think Big And KickAss


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