You Booze, You Lose

Jun 2nd, 2017

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You Booze, You Lose

Lately I have been having more phone calls with members as I send new people a link where they can book a call…

I put this link on an email to regular members a few months back and got a few people onto me

It’s always interesting tohear people’s stories and struggles

I don’t think there is anyone out there who is completely happy with their diet

It will always be a never ending battle that you feel you are losing

Every day is a new day that you just have to try to get off to a good start (with a good breakfast) and then build the day up around that

As I have said before a common problem people have is not getting enough Protein into their diet and most people are usually falling very very short in this department

So by starting the day off with some eggs and/ or salmon you are getting yourself off to a good start (Click here to find out the benefits of eggs)

I also like to have a pint of water with every meal so that means I’m getting my water up (Click here to find out the many benefits of water)

This is a habit I’ve been doing for a long time and it has been working well for the most part

And you will find by doing things 1 day at a time you will start to form new habits bit by bit and be doing most of these things without even knowing it

Feel a little under the weather myself today (Thursday), nothing major but just not100%

and when I look back at the week I can see why

Had a match Sunday with a lot of running in it, then good skip of pints after it

Still did a light sessionMonday

Early morning Tuesday and Football training that evening

and then a good workout in Platinum Wednesday morning!

So its a constant battle between doing things right and also enjoying the journey as we go

And no matter how good our training and diet is nothing beats getting good sleep and probably nothing will set you back more than alcohol (Click here to find out what alcohol can do)

If you drink after a workout you will be even stiffer due to alcohol causing inflammation

Then the next day you will be sore and probably a bit depressed from the hangover while you eat all the rubbish food of the day

Don’t mean to put a damper on your bank holiday weekend but if you are drinking EVERY weekend then you really are making it hard for yourself to get meaningful results

Of course the odd weekend isn’t the end of the world but I have came across a lot of people who drink every weekend and it means every Monday you are back starting back at square one all over again

I remember hearing a quote along the lines of

You Booze,

you lose!

and if you are boozing every weekend then you are ultimately losing long term.

Have thought about giving up the drink like some ofmy buddies have but after a few weeks off it you do get in the mood for a few

Maybe some day and as we get older and every little bit adds up then maybe I’ll no choice in the matter but we shall see


On a more positive note

And seeing as I’m feeling generous these days I’m going to do it again…

If you would like a quick 10 minute call just to discuss where your struggling or anything like that then be sure to register for a time here

Think Big And Kick Ass



Remember you can get a free trial in Platinum to try it out if you like…

Just give us a shout and and we will see what we can do…


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