Aggressive Patience

Aug 21st, 2017

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Aggressive Patience

When doing my workouts at home or doing my “To Do List” of housework that I do be given I try to always listen to a podcast

At least then I feel I am using my time a bit better

With modern technology it is so much easier to learn now than just books and evenings courses etc


Anyone you listen to who has achieved anything worthwhile will always talk about


Or as I heard the other day

Aggressive patience

Patience may give the idea of doing a little bit and then chilling out yo wait for something to happen

While aggressive patience is knowing it will take time but still bursting your gut to do everything possible to speed the process up…

And so it is with our fitness goals (Click here to find out the Most Undervalued Secret to your Fitness Goals)

In all my time training people it is Patience that let’s people down the most

and this email from a few weeks back reminded me of it

Hi Darragh

Thanks for all the emails. I find them a greathelp.

Classes are going great so I’ll definitely be staying on after the 6 weeks.

Just to let you know how I’m getting on I was 15st 12lbs about 2 weeks before I started with you. I was down to 15 st 7lbs when I got weighed on my first day and Iwas down to 15st last weekend. I’ve been in Spain for the last week so I expect to have a bit of weight back on by the end of the 6 weeks but overall very happy with how things are going.

Thanks again

Now if I was to put that up on Facebook it would barely get noticed

Not very sexy or appealing

Definitely wouldn’t go “Viral” for sure

But this story is much more common for people than the 1 in a million story that people get excited about

Not taking away from them either of course but just making the point that people need to understand the value of Patience

Most of the time we are on the right track and just need a few little tweaks along the way…

Not a major overhaul!

Just tweaks along the way to keep chipping at the block and being patient.. (Click here to find out why you should be happy but never satisfied)

As today is the start of the week let’s makesure to get it off to the right start and never miss a Monday!!

Think Big And Kick Ass



Today is the start of the next Phase of the Platinum program.

Everyone who has done their free trial has really enjoyed it and most have signed up while the others just can’t commit right now

So it is definitely worth trying out if you would like to get started into lifting heavier weights and pushing yourself on…

If you are interested you can ask me here or chat to Stephen or Alan in class today

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