Did you read the article about children’s health?

Aug 23rd, 2017

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Did you read the article about children’s health?

Not sure if you seen the article doing the rounds last week about the Health of Irish Children

But it made for pretty grim reading!

A recent study showed that children of 12 years old can’t run, jump, catch or even hit a ball.

Another study showed 89% of Irish children had not mastered basic movements

In the article they reckon that

“It’s a potential catastrophe for public health because the inability to perform fundamental movement skills leads to an aversion to sports and exercise later in life”

There are numerous reasons for this, some of them not within a parents control such as insurance

Due to the fear of being sued etc there are schools pulling back from lunchtime playing and running about etc which is a sad state of affairs all round but hard to know what the answer is to that

And of course another big reason is modern technology which of course gives us so many advantages but has far to much control overour lives as well!

To me that’s why it is vital for parents to push their children into sports..

If you have children I honestly think it is your duty to get them into sports of some kind, any kind

Any thing that gets them running, jumping and moving (Click here to find out if your child should do S&C?)

Any thing that has them winning and losing where you realise that sometimes you can put your heart and soul into something and still get Jack all in return

and that nobody owes you anything or will hand you anything!

What isn’t good about all those lessons they can learn as they grow up

or they can learn them the hard way as an adult when a lot of the time it can be to late for people as they have got use to things being a certain way…

When it comes to fitness you

Never Miss What You Never Had

We all get use to certain ways of living and think that something is normal

But only when you get yourself very fit can you understand what it’s like to be unfit! (Click here to find out why it’s not like this for everyone)

By growing up exercising and being fit children will see the benefits of exercise for themselves

We see this all the time in our facilities as people are blown away about how energetic they feel, how they are sleeping better and how they can walk up the street without being out of breath

Simple things for most people maybe but it’s all relative!

And the next generation will have no idea of these benefits if they are not encouraged to do so from an early age!

Think Big And Kick Ass



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After this 4 week block, the next group will be starting back on the 18th of September.

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If you didn’t read that article then check it out here


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