Don’t let these people dictate your rules

Aug 28th, 2017

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Don’t let these people dictate your rules

There is a saying in business that

The customer is always right

I did a little googling on that quote and it turns out that it was created in the 1800’s by American retailers at a time when a lot of business people were very dishonest and dodgy

In the years since it has become known that this saying shouldn’t be taken to literally but a lot of time it can be.

In any area of life we can let the wrong people dictate a lot of things for us instead of thinking of the bigger picture

You see this all the time in business

The business deals with 10 people

9 are sensible and give no bother but 1 is a complete Moron who gives them grief

Then the business will create “Rules” or start playing about with stuff over the head of this 1 person

So everyone else suffers because of that 1 person

When you are trying to help people sometimes you will get someone who slips through the net and be a pain in the ass

Recently I knew a person was going to be a problem by the way they we’re contacting us on FB, being completely OTT

But I thought we would give her the benefit of the doubt and try to help them out

Maybe she’s just nervous and anxoius I thought

But no

O no

a problem she was!

I also know I will get someone complaining to this email that will no doubt have the line

“biting the hand that feeds you”

in there somewhere along the way

Again, completely missing the point.

We want the 9 people in our gym and want to push that 1 person as far away as possible,

as life is just far to short for thatBS.

Negative people will just wear the trainers down every day who have to face them and eventually bring down the energy of the sessions along with it. (Click here to find out why you are who you listen to)

While that 1 person was a pain in the ass, 99% of the people we deal with are grateful for the help and give no hassle whatsoever

So there’s no point in making drastic changes to any rules or the way we do things, just have to be wary and on the lookout.

And this can apply to the negative/ positive influences around us when it comes to our Fitness & Health and any goals that we have… (Click here for how to help people positively)

Think Big And Kick Ass



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