Don’t underestimate the Power of this

Aug 25th, 2017

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Don’t underestimate the Power of this

The first 10- to 15 minutes of most of my Personal Training sessions now consist of various Bodymap drills

I can’t get through them all in one session as we also have do do our Strength & Fitness work etc

But these 15 minutes combined with the 1-2-1 Full Bodymap sessions I am doing with members is teaching me an awful lot

It is so so hard, maybe not impossible but bloody tough, to lose weight when you are going through a very stressful period in your life (Click here to find out why stress is killing your goals)

Or if you are a constant stressful person then you may try to look into handling your stress better…

Easier said than done I know but we can all learn to not take things so serious, it’s never a bad thing for any of us!

Last week 1 PT client commented that she feels so much better after just 1 week (2 sessions) and that her daughter even commented that her belly looks smaller

She herself said that

It’s like you just unblocked something

Now it’s early days and she will have her good and bad weeks but it’s a good start and an interesting point

This lady wouldn’t have a massive amount of weight to lose either so a reduction in a week is a great start

Every where you look in Fitness is about pushing harder all the time but it’s an easy, lazy way of looking at things

A lot of people are just overloading themselves with more and more stress which is having the opposite effect

Of course there is a time to push on and really work hard

But we need to learn to know our bodies and know when to push and know when to pull back a little.

A lot of people would be better off doing some breathing drills than squeezing in another set of crunches. (Should you do sit ups? click here)

This is why when we eat food we would to be in a relaxed state or what is known as the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS)

and away from a stressed state, theSympathetic Nervous System (SNS)

When we eat in a stressed state or on the run consistently the body is to stressed to digest everything as much as possible,

so there will be some empty calories there

while being relaxed allows us to digest the food properly and get the most out of the calories we consume.

I found this out once in my life myself when I opened the Enniskillen facility 3 years ago and was probably my most stressed time for a variety of reasons

I was eating my normal amounts of food but starving like 15 minutes later,

this went on for about 2 weeks before I figured out what was going on and started to get myself together again.

This is why we have our Pain free program and have also started to push Personal Training More as there are a lot of people that need the benefits that 1-2-1 can give…

And if you are doing are classes and think you need some help with this then remember that you can have a free Bodymap session whenever suits!

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