They will always piss and moan

Aug 7th, 2017

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They will always piss and moan

Always interesting to hear little stats and figures on things

On a podcast the other day I heard that

16 million of the 22 million small businesses in America either lose money or just get by

So about 70%, 7 out of 10, small businesses are either just getting by or losing money.

I find that incredible but yet makes total sense.

Like most things,

People love the idea of something but not pushed on the day to day reality of it!

Thom Plummer always says

Every business is fixable, it’s the business owner that is the problem

And if you have ever watched shows like Gordan Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares you will see how a lot of these business owners simply refuse to take advice to try and learn and better their business

Even though the business is going down the drain!

These are the very business owners who are constantly pissing and moaning about the economy or about how people won’t pay for anything etc

If you are an innocent little soul like myself

When they moan you think that they actually really want a solution

But they don’t

They just want to piss and moan

You see this everywhere you go

I have been part of other teams/ organisations where people are constantly complaining about a certain situation but when solutions are offered

All you will hear is about how that won’t work

There’s not even a proper effort made to solve the problem!

Most of the time a radical problem needs a radical solution

But that’s usually too scary for these people

Now I’m not talking about when we have a bad day and we just need to vent a little and get something off our chest (Click here to find out how to make enemies and anger people)

I’m talking about the people that spend their lifetime doing this and every time you meet them you know it’s coming

When you try to discuss your fitness and health goals with these people they will never support you or give you any encouragement

Most of the time there is no point in talking to these people as they see the problem in every solution (Click here to find out what the problem is)

A lot of Personal Development coaches say that you should put your goals out there to the world

I’m sure that’s worked for a lot of people but personally I couldn’t be bothered listening to the small minded negativity of a few dumbasses

and when it comes to your fitness I don’t think you should either!

Its probably more of an American thing but don’t think that sort of stuff cuts it over here in Ireland

Most of the time we are probably better off just keeping the head down and working away until we achieve what we want to achieve…

Write it down ourselves,

Look at it and focus ourselves to get there

but keep it to ourselves!

If it’s a family member or someone you live with then surely let them know that you are now eating THIS and not THAT and that you will be home an hour later a few times a week as you are going to the gym on the way home

But in terms of telling your wider circle,

unless they are going to be supportive and push you on then it’s hard to see the up side!

I was just talking to a member last week who was saying that having her man on board as well helps a lot and it is verytrue…

If the people around you won’t support you it leaves your goal setting all the more difficult

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