8lbs down in 2 weeks

Sep 25th, 2017

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8lbs down in 2 weeks

Last week I got chatting to a lad that just started the 6 Week program the week before

He told me that in the 2 weeks since he started he was down 8lbs

He has been sticking to the classes well and is noticing other improvements

Himself and his missus went out for a walk the other day and she noticed how he wasn’t out of breath for once while doing the walk

Simple little things like that go a long way and show what can be done in a short space of time.

Of course there was some big dietary changes there as well

Mainly that he has drastically cut down on drinking in the house….

Apart from the amount of calories you also have the problem that the body has to digest all that alcohol which is slowing down any chance you have of your body burning fat

So it’s a double whammy

Never mind talking about the Hangover if we get a bit carried away and have 1 or 10 to many! (Click here to find out the top 2 hangover cures)

Diet always goes out the window when hungover as we tend to eat all round us…

On a side note,

1 little trick around that is to fast!

If you have a heavy night’s drinking then fast until 9pm or so the next night

The first few hours are tough but once you get through them you actually feel much better and fasting will prevent you going for the tasty but unhealthy foods!

I can almost guarantee that there is one big vice in every body’s life that if they just hold back on it for a certain period of time they would make so much more progress.

For others it may be bars, crisps or a certain mineral

For me, Alcohol is probably the one thing that sets me back the most so that’s why I try my best to curtail it (Click here to find out when You Booze, You Lose)

I try to keep it for proper social events such as stags, weddings etc or just a good night out…

The next day is a right off and then even the following day doesn’t be as productive as it should.

And any workouts are always half ass!

But it’s important to try and pull back on drinking during the week and casually getting through a lot of alcohol in the course of a week

We have the odd, in fairness very odd, person complaining about lack of Nutrition support or guidance that we give even though we have Nutritional Guidelines, offer the chance for a 3 day food diary to really assess what is going on and answer any questions that come our way

In fairness every gym/ Fitness Facility/ Personal Trainer deals with these sort of clients that can’t take responsibility for their own actions!

Then you get the 99% of people that know the basics of what they need to be doing and simply doing that with some proper exercise gets most people all the results they want

But people looking for some sort of magic solution nearly want to spoon fed, literally, along the way

Now is the start of another big week so in order to make sure it’s a good week do 2 things

– Do the basics

– Never miss a Monday

Think Big And Kick Ass



Remember I will be a bit swamped this week and next week as we transition things over from Alan moving on

We also have a 6 Week Program starting next week and Platinum is on running so if you have any questions regarding them or anything else then just give me a shout and I will get back ASAP

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