Are you counting these?

Sep 22nd, 2017

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Are you counting these?

In the hustle and bustle of every day life it can be difficult to stop and appreciate how much we actually get done in a day (Click here to find out how a busy life can do this)

as there is always the next day to plan for!

Which is great of course but we should also take time to be grateful for what we have done and appreciate it

That’s why it is very important to count your Wins, especially when going through a tough patch

When going through a tough patch and confidence is low I find it’s important to clear the head, get a re focus on goals

and look for the positive side in things as of course there are plenty!
This is something most of us don’t do enough of

There is an App called Winstreak that I use to use

Unfortunately every time the phone has full storage it’s the first to get the chop!

Of course there’s nothing wrong with good old pen and paper, what ever gets the job done!

But you should try it out if you can even for a little bit

You will be amazed how good it feels when you are stressed out to write down all your wins for the day

Basically everything productive and good that day you count as a win!

Which of course includes giving yourself some credit for how far you have come in your Fitness journey

When someone gives you a compliment then bloody accept and stop thinking they have some ulterior motive!

Thinking positively is something we consciously have to work on (Click here to find out how to help people positively)

and not in the airy fairy way a lot of people Online like to talk about it!

But simply just trying to see the better in things so we can stop being such moaners

we all do it as it is simply the way we are wired!

But when we try to step back, think clearer and look for the positive

then it can change our outlook completely!

Give the Winstreak app a go for the week and let me know how you get on….

Have a good Friday and enjoy the weekend

Will be a busy next 2 to 3 weeks as we transition things after Alan leaving so bare with us regarding messages etc

All going to plan we should be business as usual come mid October

Think Big And Kick Ass



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    Hope to join

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