Is Fat Shaming Now A Thing?

Sep 27th, 2017

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Is Fat Shaming Now A Thing?

There was a post on FB last week where a Fit pro was saying how we should keep children away from Fat people as they will only pick up bad habits from them

He was supporting a lady who took her children out of day care as she thought all the employees there were overweight

I have linked the article at the bottom of this email

All this is nonsense for so many reasons but the Fit Pro was losing clients left, right and centre as people we’re commenting that they would no longer attend his facility if he thought like that

Talk about how to ruin a business with one simple Social Media post

Would be interesting to see how is business is looking now a few weeks later!

He was comparing it to smoking and how the Social Stigma with smoking has helped to bring down the numbers

I’m sure there are many reasons for smoking to have reduced apart from Social Stigma!

Of course there a lot more reasons for people being overweight than there is for people smoking

We all know so much of Binge eating can come from low self esteem, simply going through a rough time in life or even something as boredom (Click here to find out why you binge?)

And with so much opinion on all things health and fitness it would be some cracking trying to establish guidelines and how to go about an exact program.

It’s also lot trickier to quantify what is Fat as everyone is different and even things like the BMI scale leave a lot to be desired

Another problem is the fact that pretty much every woman thinks she is Fat/ Overweight even though many aren’t

As usual we will probably go down the road of one extreme or the other

That it is either Black or white

Some will push for Fat Shaming and others want to be airy fairy about it and have nobody take responsibility for their own situation or god forbid someone might get their feelings hurt

So the answer will be that grey area in the middle

We have to try and educate people on what they should be doing regards Training & Nutrition and push them in the right direction

but at some stage people have to take responsibility and actually want help and listen to the people in the know!

Out of interest I would like to hear your opinion on it if you want to shoot me an email,

Do you agree with me on this or think otherwise?

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If you want to read the article then you can do so here

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