This won’t make me skinny

Sep 29th, 2017

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This won’t make me skinny

This is a common philosophy among people and especially females

Anything that doesn’t have you sweating buckets and breathing out of your ass goes into the category of

This won’t make me skinny

Well actually,

It Will!!

For a variety of reasons

If You keep pounding your body with “bad ass” workouts and going “Beast Mode” then your Stress levels will leave it very hard for you to lose weight (Click here to find out why Stress is Killing your Goals)

To much stress and being in the Sympathetic nervous system is never a good thing long term.

There is a stress hormone called Cortisol that is stored around the belly so overtime this hormone will actually lead to more and more belly fat

A great way to digest your food better and to maintain solid Fitness/ Health levels is to manage your stress better

which is easier said than done of course but can still be done all the same.

We often see people who are getting just as much results from less training than the time they we’re bursting their ass 6 to 7 days a week

And it’s not so much that they go hard every day that’s the problem but it’s that they constantly go hard with the same training format


So they are not working every muscle group in the body and building proper muscle and strength! (Click here to find out 3 reasons to limit cardio for fat loss)

And yes ladies,

You want muscle and strength as it is this that builds that rock hard booty and flatens your stomach.

As is the same with anything in life and I see that a lot in business as I learn more about things!

Some times we burst our ass doing trivial things that arn’t really moving us forward but if we put some thought into things and have a process in place then we maybe don’t need to work as hard as we think

This beast mode training can be usually found in combination with an obsessive or even extreme diet

The 2 combining together to leave an individual with zero energy and a Metabolism that is completely recked!

This is due to lack of education and poor advise from the wrong people….

Eventually leading to a severe lack of motivation and you deciding to jack it all in,

or even worse

You stick to this routine for years and make yourself miserable!

Another Thing we need to think about is the fact of building Strength

It is good to slow things down and lift that bit heavier to really break down your muscle tissue and get it to repair and grow

It’s simple strength training and is a necessary component for getting real long term and sustainable results!

As I said, you also want to be hitting every muscle group in the body in your workout program,

which you most definitely are not doing if you just constantly do cardio!

And of course the more you pound that body then it’s only a matter of time before you get injured!

So in conclusion

The next time you are thinking

“This won’t make me skinny”

Just take a second to think

1 – Do I REALLY need another “Hardcore” Cardio session

2 – Should I try to mix up my training methods and/ or try someproper Strength Training

3 – Do you want to be able to train consistently or do you want to be fighting injuries all the time

Have a good wkend,

I’ll be looking forward to a good ly inSunday morning after a long week and will be glad to see Steven join the team next week!!

Think Big And Kick Ass



You may have seen my video yesterday regarding the boxing gloves.

If your a big boxing fan then try to bring your own gloves from now on if possible as it suit you better.

We have tried various “smelly stuff” and different things over the years and will try our best now again to deal with them better but it will only be a damage limitation job as the gloves we’re only bought 4 to 5 weeks ago.

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