Get Busy a Living or Get Busy Dying

Oct 6th, 2017

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Get Busy a Living or Get Busy Dying

So as you have probably seen on FB I have a deal 90% done to open a fitness facility in Dundalk in January

Thank you to everyone that has supported us so far and I am super fired up and looking forward to the challenge…

We will be starting from square 1 all over again and what goes on in Cavan and Enniskillen will account for F all as we move into a new area..

In today’s world of Social media and we all have such super duper lives and “Live the dream” the concept of being passionate about something and working your ass off seems to be something of the past

I find I always find stuff for me to do

And if there is nothing productive to do I just create random BS that isn’t going to make much of a difference to mine or anyone’s life in the long run!

I think we all dothat…

So after awhile you realise you would be much better off spending that time putting your efforts into something worthwhile..

As Andy Dufresne says in Shawshank Redemption

Get BusyLiving,

or Get Busy Dying!”

When things are going well in life it is very easy to get comfortable

And people who are comfortable never take risks (Click here to read O, that’s a bit risky for me)

The simple fact of the matter is I am far to young to not be taking on new challenges and start resting on my laurels!

It will take a lot of hard work but we should have a lot of things in place to be able to handle things and stay flexible for any emergencies that arise….

I heard a term recently on a Podcast about chasing “New problems”

You have to look for “New Problems” in life

We like to think that once we get to a certain point that we will be happy and”Done” (Click here to find out why you should Create New Problems)

Once we hit a certain weight

A certain Fitness level

A certain point in our lives or in our business

But there will always be “New Problems”

so we can either chase big things that get us fired up and we are passionate about

or we can let small scale nonsense stuff bother us!

Things get stale and boring if we are constantly just going over the same stuff!

So hopefully we can get this deal sorted and be ready to get things rolling

I think we can offer something different in the Fitness Field and really help a lot of people out and with your continued support we will be able to do that

So a big thank you for that and hopefully we can continue offering better and better service going forward!

Think Big And Kick Ass



Obviously this means we will be looking for more staff and to be honest my opinion on hiring has changed lately

I will always be on thelook out for good honest people who don’t mind working hard and learning new skills…

So if you, or anyone you know, would fit that bill then be sure to give me a shout!


I was wondering if you could 2 mins and do me a quick favour

With the new facility coming up a lot of people in the Dundalk area will no doubt be checking our reviews on FB to see what we are all about

So if you haven’t already I would really appreciate it if you could just pop over and give us a solid review..

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