Gun Control Madness

Oct 4th, 2017

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Gun Control Madness

Seeing what’s going on in Vegas is really shocking…

I know it’s a hot topic but how Americans can continue to defend people having guns when things like this keep happening is hard to believe

You hear them say it’s

“The Price We pay for our freedom”

and this is highly educated supposedly intelligent people!

The mind does boggle at times…

It’s the perfect example of when someone makes up their mind that they are right nothing will change it

No matter how many times some headcase in America goes around shooting people the majority of the country will not even tolerate the concept of change

Despite how the stats stack up to other countries around the world!


I firmly believe we should focus our energies on the things we can control

and to do it with an open mind willing to debate!

And something we can control is our diets and exercise levels.

Had an interesting convo with a member the other day about binge eating and how it can come about (Click here to find out why you binge)

Of course most of it simply comes from Emotional Eating and the stresses and strains of life making people go F this

While no one has come out with a proper solution yet,despite numerous guys trying to let on they have

I will give you our little philosophy on it and

why we use the 80/20Principle!

If anyone tells us we CAN’T do something then we just want to do it

If are told we CAN’T eat something then we just want to eat it..

It’s just the way were wired

So when your diet says you CAN’T eat something then unless you have a real life or death reason to not eat it then you will most likely want to eat it

And when you do finally give in to it you will do so in style….

So if your diet is 80% good and you are hitting your Protein targets with clean carbs etc then you have that 20% room to play with. (Click here why 80% of the time it works every time)

But obviously this is only when you are hitting your Protein targets and eating well can you then enjoy something in your 20%

Trying to keep just a little bit of that stuff in your diet can help prevent you building up a craving to it

It’s like anything else

When we put to much pressure on ourselves we are setting ourselves up to fail

Constantly expecting ourselves to be perfect even though it is an impossible dream

and then we beat ourselves up about it and have a mini breakdown

leading to a binge of some sort!!

So if we allow those foods in our diets and understand that it’s not going to be perfect then we are taking so much pressure off our shoulders

Allowing us to relax and enjoy the experience so much more!

Think Big And Kick Ass



I just got word yesterday that we have the go ahead on a 3rd facility

Still have a few minor details to sort out but we aim to open in January and I’m super duper pumped about it as it is a big market were we can go in and kick some ass…….

Want to have guess where itis?


Even without this news I was still on the look out for new trainers.

1 things I have learnt over the years is that a company lives and dies on good quality people and lots of them.

The skills can be teached to anyone that really wants tolearn them and is capable of making the commitment.

So if you know anyone that fits the bill be sure to let them know our situation.

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