How to lose Belly Fat in 4 Simple Steps?

Oct 9th, 2017

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How to lose Belly Fat in 4 Simple Steps?

Last week I got through a right few “Review calls” with people in the middle of their 6 Week Program

It’s always interesting to hear how people are getting on and any issues they have

Of course the talk of Belly Fat comes up pretty often and this is the number 1 spot people want to hit.

So I am going to give 4 pointers on how to shift that belly fat

and be warned

they are all very boring and take stuff like hard work and consistency

yaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwn I know but sur that’s just me!

Notice in the headline I said “simple” and not “easy” as these are simple but most people do not find them easy!

1 – Work Your Entire Body with Resistance Training

This may seem obvious but there are actually a lot of people not doing this.

Young lads focus on the “Mirror Muscles” that they can see and forget about Posterior chain (everything at the back of the body)

People doing lots of Spin classes, Pilates and/ or running are all making this crucial mistake

Big strong bodybuilders all work their entire body except they do a different body part each day or near enough

But the best way to do this for the average joe who has limited time on their hands is to work the full body in each workout (Click here to find how to Lose a Fat and Gain Muscle with Resistance Training)

2 – Get Some Form of Cardio in There

Which is why we try to get some of this into a session as best we can.

But to up your Cardio you can go out for some walks, a run, hill runs, play a sport or anything similar

Get the heart rate and breathing heavy 1 to 2 times a weeks along with point number 1 the other 2 to 4 training days

(Click here to find out why to Mix It Up!)

3 -Diet


Abs are made in the Kitchen

and all that jazz that you have heard before!

So make sure to hit your required numbers when it comes to Protein, get your clean carbs along with plenty of veg and water.

All very boring indeed but they are the foods that are going to get you where you want to be.

Doing this 80- 90% of the time should be enough for you to makestrides!

I’ll finish with the MOST important aspect of all this

4 – Patience

You can follow the steps above for a certain period of time and make VERY small progress

The real progress comes in the consistency

Doing the basic things day in and day out is what will get you there

and Patience is without doubt where people fail as they don’t stick to things long enough.

(Click here to read about Aggressive Patience)

I was speaking a bit about goals and that as well and the more I see the Fitness Industry and how people drop in and out and battle with their weight/ fitness levels

I think it is a very good goal to just focus ongetting your workouts in every week, say 3 to 6 sessions in depending on your level of fitness, time constraints etc

line that up with just having basic Nutrition goals and every day making sure you chip away at them!

Hope these simple little tips help you out and give you something to think about!

Think Big And Kick Ass


Remember to get the week started on the right foot by getting your Monday workout done.

Last week was thefirst week we’re our numbers felt like our regular winter numbers so if you can at all, try to attend the 10:30 and 4:00 classes today as they are our quietest sessions.

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