Personal Issues

Oct 13th, 2017

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Personal Issues

It was Mental Health awareness day the other day and seen 1 or 2 posts that we’re interesting about how people have suffered with depression and got through it.

I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be really suffering depression and to think you are better off not here at all (Click here to read a members story From Depression to a Different Person)

Thanks be to god I have never been there and hopefully never will be

But it must be bloody tough.

I have also been emailing someone back and forth at the minute who has lost all their mojo regarding Fitness & Health!

All this got me to thinking of various comments made to me over the years from people,

Just that I seem to always be super motivated with the perfect diet and being super duper fit!

None of which is true!

I have also received some not so nice words where people think I’m to full of confidence for my own good,

but I suppose that comes with the territory with voicing your opinion on anything,

anyone that disagrees will always take pot shots here or there!

For a start if you ever seen me on a Sports field you would know I’m far from Super duper fit

And my own training goes up and down!

My consistency would probably be solid enough but could still be better

But with playing football and having some injury problems a few years back means it is a constant battle to keep on top of things

When you feel a strain here or there you have to take it as a sign to pull back but when not happy with results or performance you have to ask yourself if maybe you arn’t doing enough

So it can be a constant battle!

And diet isn’t much better!

There is so much information out there it can be difficult to know what way to turn

You think you are doing the right thing but again,

if I’m not happy with my progress then I will question things!

And due to my love of chocolate I can also fall into that trap of being generous to myself regards the treats until eventually 1 day you look in the mirror and think

This is slipping here lad, ya may get your arse in gear

And regards Motivation, (Click here to find out why you should mix it up!)

I think I just do a good job of turning up even when I feel like I would rather ly up and watch TV for the day!

That really is what Motivation is all about

No one is fired up all day every day and anyone that says they are are full of it

But the key is that some people will turn up and get the job done regardless, which I think is more important!

As much as I/ we receive great praise for what we do we will always receive criticism

and you have to be open minded to think what is useful critism that should be used to better me and the business

or what is BS that is coming from a place of jealousy, making excuses for themselves, not understanding the reasons behind something or someone simply having a bad day and taking it out on someone!

But criticism it can get you down and make you question things

be it business or personal!

Now we have the excitement of Dundalk starting hopefully in the NewYear

While I am super pumped to watch it build and grow (hopefully)

There is also that voice in your head about ittanking

Or if I can’t get a good quality trainer and have to travel an hour each way there and back every day which will eventually take it’s toll in other areas of life!

Or that I take the eye off the ball in our Cavan & Enniskillen facilities…..

On top of all that I’m also big into my Footie and want to try to run about a football field like a young fella

and after big defeats and/ or poor performances I can be down in the dumps and giving it way more air time than I should!

It’s great to be passionate about things but you have to know where to park it as well….

The goal of this email is to hopefully help people realise that none of us have it all sussed out

at the end of the day we are all winging it to some degree!

And hopefully with some exercise classes and diet help we can help you along theway….

Think Big And Kick Ass


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