The key to happiness??

Oct 11th, 2017

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The key to happiness??

Every now and again some of you send me little articles to read

And last week I got one about the Magician Derren Brown’s philosophy on happiness and it was a good article

Basically the main part of the article is about how we react to things that happen to us

Everyone reacts differently to things and some people nearly get stronger in adversity while others crumble

while we all have our good and bad days,

Happiness is more about how we react to things rather than what actually happens us.

As everyone goes through their highs and lows and issues.

While there are a lot of very bright people out there debating these things I’m just gonna give my 2 cents in terms of your health….

When it comes to your Fitness & Health you have to set aside some time for yourself and make it work

There is always a few hours somewhere in your schedule where you can get it in

and you just have to let the people in your life know that!

Any time you have a belief in something and stick to your guns people will call you selfish, arrogant or cocky etc

Which I have been called numerous times over the years

Yes, I know

I can hear your gasps of shock from here

but it has happened!

When you take emotion out of the equation and can look at things logically then it can become pretty clear what steps you need to take to get where you want to go…

And unless you are going to let other people dictate your life for you then I don’t see how there is any other way around it….

So if you want to look after your Health & Fitness, which has a massive impact on your happiness as we all know!

Then it’s time to focus some “ME” time for yourself….

For anyone that wants to read the article you can do so here!

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