5 Tips to Deal with Xmas

Dec 15th, 2017

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5 Tips to Deal with Xmas

So we are creeping up to that time of year again…

It’s unreal how quickly it comes around and it seems it’s getting quicker every year..

And this time next year I will be staring down the barrel of being a married man,

gonna be an interesting year ahead!


The Xmas parties, 12 pubs and numerous Social events will be lined up for the next few weeks and you have probably already had 1/ 2 of them.

Now let me first state that I love Xmas and all the craic with it

But like everything else there are extremes

You can make a complete Pig of yourself and get carried away leaving the road back all the longer and harder (Click here to find out why you Binge)

or you can still enjoy yourself but just have a bit of wit about it!

So while you may not follow all these points, even just following a few of them should help you not fall off the wagon altogether….

So without further ado here are some very simple little tips to do over the 2/3 weeks or so around the xmas period

Don’t eat/drink for the sake of it

Pick your few nights and enjoy them.

Allow for these night and try your best to work around them.

But try to avoid the extra drinks in the house when there is really no need and also tucking into too many chocolates or crisps when there is no need but you tell yourself “Ah, it’s Xmas”

Get your Protein in

If you going out for a meal and drinks in the evening then try to get your Protein built up throughout the day beforehand

Good brekkie

Solid lunch or snack through the day so it gives you some wiggle room in the evening

And of course you can always get a good lump of meat in the evening as well which will stand to you

Get Moving

Alright you won’t be in any shape to “Beast it” but at least get out walking about and moving as best you can

Or do some light stretching…

But just get your ass off the couch and out of the house a few days anyway!

Drink water

Get the water in to at least keep yourself hydrated. Easy way to do this is to have a big bottle of water in the house and stick to sipping away at itthroughout the day to keep you on track (Click here to find out the many benefits of water)

Take your supps

With so much food, drink and late nights you need allthe help you can get.

Throughout the year you might be good at getting your sleep, drinking your water, eating well and getting your sleep,

but at this time that all goes out the window so it’s time like this you can take a few extra supps to keep you going and try to nick in a powernap when you can.

I know these may all be very boring but what can you do,

You will feel a lot better for it come January when the parties over!

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