Dragging your bootay along the floor

Dec 18th, 2017

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Dragging your bootay along the floor

Yep, we jinxed the GOAT who had one of his worst games of the season and probably one of his worst most seasons.

And the Patriots as a team had their poorest game of the season so things didn’t just go according to plan as we had hoped…

I blame Lorraine as she seems to have a similar impact on Clones games she attends…

but it was a cool experience all the same and will defo go again when/ if I get the chance!

And after my email Friday about not eating unnecessary cals a member left in a box of homemade biscuits, cookies and cakes…. (Click here to read that email from Friday)

Sur would be bad manners not to eat them of course

So defo having a good wk now up until Xmas eve 🙂

But that shows exactly what goes on at this time of year and why it’s best to just enjoy it without doing the dog completely!

And last week was the end of our November 6 Week program and I measured some people Saturday morning in Enniskillen who got great results,

and also received this email:

Hi Darragh,

Just a quick bit of feedback following your email.

Both my sister and I are in week 5 of the 6 week programme. Although it’s only been 5 weeks I can see a big improvement in my baselinefitness.
I have increased stamina
Better technique
I can lift a heavierweight
I’ve increased flexibility and better balance
Please note, I’m only comparing myself to me 5 weeks ago; compared to other members I’m still a sloth

Asides from fitness, I can see a change in the physical – I’m starting to fit more comfortably into my clothes, I can feel wee muscles start to pop up when I push down on my (now disappearing) flab, and my arse is starting to lift off the floor 

Finally, the programme has had a positive effect on well being. As a busy working mum, it’s been great to get 45 mins to myself a few times a week. The classes are varied and the trainers create a positive environment with plenty of motivation and most importantly – good music

Looking forward to the last week and getting signed up to a membership

It’s always great to see people who get well stuck into-it and make things happen for themselves!

All we can do is facilitate people!

And hopefully that will help motivate you to give things a big effort now this week before Xmas

(Click here to read a motivating story)

Speaking of which,

A few of you have been asking about classes over the Xmas period so here are our opening hours

We have classes this Saturday the 23rd and then back at 10am and 6pm on Thursday and Friday the 28th & 29th and then the 2 Saturday morning classes on the 30th December and then back to business as usual on Tuesday the 2nd of January.

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