You’re Fired

Dec 20th, 2017

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You’re Fired

Just finished The Apprentice there the other day and it is one show I have got into the past few years

Is always funny seeing people having to adapt to various challenges and make a complete dog’s dinner of it, especially when some of them have very high opinions of themselves.

While some of them have very successful businesses there’s usually a right few of them have achieved nothing out of the ordinary at all and are really relying on Alan Sugar to pull them through

One thing you notice from it is that it is usually the quiet unassuming person that wins it

The person who at the start of the show is all big talk about how they are going to conquer the world and no one has ever seen anything like them

usually falls flat on their face and are some of the weaker candidates!

Of course we see this all the time in every walk of life where the people doing the most talking arn’t usually that hot on the taking action part! (Click here for Let’s all do this…)

And we will be seeing plenty of it in January as the talkers last a wet week before going back to their same old cycle again…

I can’t tell you the amount of people be all over us like a bad rash looking for information, gonna do this and that and then think we are the bees knees when they do finally come in

but then we learn that they say that to all the girls!!

But the people who slip in under the radar and just go about their business

they are the people that gget Shizzle Done and make things happen for themselves.

The problem is it can be easy to forget these people as the others take your attention so it’s important to keep your self in check

It’s a bit like the trouble maker in the class where the teacher spends all their time with that 1 student and can’t get round to everyone because of them!

As is the case with everything,

Talk is cheap and most of the time all it is is BS

It’s the action takers that get ahead and stay ahead,

the people who just get on with it!

Another great area we see this in is Hard work

The guy that talks about how hard he works is either doing 1 of 2 things:

1 – He’s full of complete BS and isn’t that busy at all

2 – He’s a busy fool just taking up his day doing stuff that should take an hour or 2

In fairness I find it is usually number 2!

A bit like the person who works out 2 hours everyday to keep a certain weight,

when 45 mins 3/5 times a week would do the job

they are just uneducated more than anything else. (Click here to find out why Education is never wasted)


As we approach Xmas day don’t forget that we have vouchers for sale in the facility and that our opening hours are as follows

Classes up to and including Saturday the 23rd of December

A 10am and 6pm on Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th with the usual 2classes on Saturday morning the 30th

And then back to business as usual Tuesday the 2nd of Janaury

Dundalk will be opening on the 8th with a 6Week program and the Cavan and Enniskillen 6 Week programs will be starting them dates as well for new members or people who haven’t been in with us for over a year….

along with the Platinum program which will have 12 months of new training programs done out in a Booklet!

So it will be all go come January so it’s important to enjoy xmas and be ready to Knuckle down come the New Year and embrace the challenges that come our way…

Think Big And Kick Ass


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