1 Word to make this “Your Year”

Jan 8th, 2018

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1 Word to make this “Your Year”

This is it now

All the talking is over and facility number 3 is to open today while facility number 1 and 2 will be busy busy as everyone has now had a good week to get themselves back to normal…

Going to be a busy few weeks as we try to balance all but have been planing it for the past 2 months so will be interesting to see how all fares out and hopefully all runs smoothly!

If you are reading this I assume you have some solid Fitness & Health goals for 2018, just like myself..

and while there are many ways to achieve those goals I have found that there is one area where people most let themselves down (Click here for 3 ways to stick with your fitness goals)

Of course you need to be intelligent with how you go about things and working smart as well as hard but I have found that this is where most people fall down and where I have with various goals over the years


If this was a video I would love to roar and shout at you


Not sure if cap locks will do it justice but it’s so important!

You know you have probably been very good at numerous times in our lives regards your goals but only 1 thing let us down (Click here to find out about Agressive Patience)

We gave up to easily

We made excuses such as time etc

or maybe you got pissed off because you made great progress but then stalled for a bit so you jacked it in!

It’s most relevant of course for Fat Loss but is the same idea with any goal you set

It’s always such a pity to see people going well but expecting outrageous results, getting really frustrated and then stopping

and of course no one listens to me as I’m just the business man who wants you to stay in his gym!

But it doesn’t matter how good your training program or how good your diet is you need to be patient and stick with it

Always remember the saying

People overestimate what they can achieve in 5 months

and underestimate what they can achieve in 5 years

I’m not saying it should take you 5 years to lose a few pounds but you get my point

Get a good sensible training and diet program and be patient with it!

Think Big And Kick Ass



Remember that the 10:30 and 4:00 classes are our quietest classes so if you could try to make them then that would be great.

Even just 5 people can make a big difference in the sessions.

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