7 Children and Still Getting it Done

Jan 10th, 2018

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7 Children and Still Getting it Done

Sometimes I get email replies here that sort of blow me away…

And this one is a long read but defo worth it so I’m gonna keep me rambling to a minimum:

Hi Darragh,

Best of luck with Dundalk. Just a bit of feedback regarding the six week program that I probably should have written a long time ago.

Every summer I used to do the couch to 5K challenge but I get bored running the roads and my knees were getting sore. And I get too busy/ lazy in the winter too keep it up. So this year I went for something different.

I started the six week program on 3rd July last year. I only ever intended to do six weeks as both my husband and I are self employed and work ridiculous hours and I have seven children so I can’t commit to too much. The six week program suited in July as the older kids were off school and could watch the little ones for an hour while I wentto the gym.
I almost couldn’t bring myself to walk through the door. I was sure I’d make a show of myself/ fall over/ collapse due to lack of fitness- I had lots of reasons not to go. I actually went in with the intentions of telling them I wouldn’t be doing it but Lorraine was there to take measurements etc. She was lovely, I felt very welcome and not intimidated at all. I gaveit a go and found the trainers were very accommodating to the newbies, offering easier alternatives for the harder exercises without singling anybody out.

In the beginning, I was sore- which goes to show how many muscles the running was doing nothing for! And therewere a few exercises I couldn’t do right and some that I genuinely couldn’t do no matter how hard I tried. I also had sore knees and a bad lower back to contend with. Over the six weeks I had the satisfaction of reduced, then no soreness and I found myself managing the exercises that I hadn’t been able to do. I had more energy- instead of sitting down exhausted at six, I was working out and instead of getting up after a half an hour, still exhausted, I left the gym feeling energised. And I canhonestly say my knees and back problems were not as bad as they had been before I started.

But the biggest benefit was the head space of thinking of absolutely nothing but the exercises for 45 minutes instead of wondering how I’m going to manage all the drops off/ pickup/ shopping/ work commitments/ household chores etc. I can manage stress a lot better now that I have claimed 45 minutes three times a week to myself.

Which brings me to the time commitment which is an obstacle for most people. After the six week program was up, I lasted one whole day before I knew I had to sign up. Knowing that I had no more sessions made everything seem more stressful, whereas, having to have three children at three separate venues at the same time becomes manageable/ worth it if I’m going to get a session in before I pick them up again.
I’m not saying it’s easy. Anyone with kids/ a business knows how hard itis to stick to something. I have to arrange things days in advance to attend a session and even then I don’t always make it but it’s worth it when I do.

I’ve been attending Duchy’s fitness for six months now. My knees and back rarely bother me anymore. Finding time to squeeze in a session has become part of my routine. I do not know what I would do without it.

Sorry it took me so long to thank you. It can genuinely take me days/ weeks to get a minute to email people! I’m sure Dundalk will be a success. Word of mouth is the best publicity and I only ever hear god things about Duchy’s!

Best of luck,

So yeah,

That’s pretty bad ass I my humble, yet accurate, opinion!

I may be biased of course but says so many things that I have went on about for years..

That loads and loads of running when doing no strength work will come against you in the long run (Click here for 3 Reasons to Limit Cardio for Fat Loss)

That strength training can get rid of a lot of aches and pains when progressed slowly and done right

and that just getting a workout in to feel better about yourself is as good a reason as any!

O and that’s not even mentioning the fact this person has 7, yes SEVEN, children to look after as well as being self employed. (Click here to see Are you making these excuses?)

Makes our excuses look pretty laughable!

Think Big And Kick Ass



We have added A LOT of new people to these emails in the past few weeks that might be new here

Just gonna give a quick mention that the first class is FREE in all 3 facilities so if your nervous or unsure about what we do then why not try a class on us to see what you think

Any questions just reply to this email!

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