Do I want to be Insta Famous?

Jan 24th, 2018

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Do I want to be Insta Famous?

You may have seen lately that the cracks are starting to appear in the Online bloggers and stories are coming out about the insane photo shopping people are doing for their photographs before putting them online

I have never seen the fascination with people following all these bloggers and getting all excited because they endorse such and such a product

When they are obviously getting this stuff for free or being paid to promote it!

Of course like any industry I’m sure there are legit people out there but Lorraine has tried to show me various people over the past few years and I can’t bloody look at them yapping on

Stories have also come out about bloggers buying make up on the cheap and putting as much as 900% onto the price and then selling it on via their Social Media pages (Click here to find out about the Social Media Disorder)

The funny thing about the whole Fitness environment is that if these people actually put the same hours into building an offline business such as doing crazy things like

Actually train people and help them improve their health

then they would have a proper business on their hands!

There is now talk about trying to make people put disclaimers up before giving any sort of Fitness/ Health advice

That would be great and anything at all to slow down arunaway train like that is great!

How we go about controlling that I’m not so sure it will be easily done but at least it’s a start….

The pity about it all is that there will always be someone to sign up for Mickey Mouse “Detox’s” or “Cleanses” or whatever other rubbish they try to sell to the quick fix brigade.

At what point do we have to be grown ups and take responsibility for our own actions

If we we’re sitting in a pub and some boy was yapping on about what a great family he has we would think he’s a twat

Yet when someone does it on Social Media people lap it up

Or the Business guy letting on he’s making a fortune from doing f all work

You hear this stuff all the time out and about and no one takes it serious

But when it’s on Instagram people seem to take these people seriously!

Obviously you have sympathy for teenagers and young people can be easily lead

but when adults in their late 20’s and beyond are buying into this nonsense you have to question what planet people are on!

Surely at that point we are all about long enough to see through people’s BS…

So much of this stuff is just ego driven nonsense.

A few years ago everyone got obsessed with Likes on their Facebook page before we all realised that it meant nothing and guys with 100’000 likes still had no business at all

and now most of this sort of stuff has transferred over to Instagram where people fish for attention by shouting the loudest.

It’s all going to come to an end pretty soon as with any industry that is easy to get into

the morons ruin it for everyone and then no one gets taken seriously!

As with everything we just need to be careful where we get our knowledge from

Educate ourselves from a variety of different intelligent legit people

and then

Shock horror

Maybe we could actually make decisions for ourselves and make up our own minds on things.

Think Big And Kick Ass



I got a few replies to one job offer the other day so we are working through them.

The other offer is that we are looking for another Part Time trainer in the Dundalk area.

No mad panic but would like to get someone into the mix of things ASAP so they are ready to go soonenough.

So if you know anyone interested be sure to tell them to get in touch.

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