Happy New Year!!

Jan 1st, 2018

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Happy New Year!!

So that’s another year done and on we roll into 2018

For a lot of people “roll” is probably the exact word to use!

We would just like to thank you for following us this year via these emails and Social Media and appreciate that you do so

We work hard to try and provide the best service possible to cover peoples needs and hopefully we can continue to do that

and if you have any issues always feel free to give me a shout!

As you may have a sore head from last night or are still just getting back into the swing of things after a hectic xmas I won’t keep you long (Click here to find out my top 2 hangover cures)

I just wanted to use this little email as a Thank You for your loyalty and as a little warm up to get you back into the swing of things,

seeing as you haven’t heard from me for a whole entire week!

You may have received an email about our 6 Week Program starting Monday in all 3 locations and I’m sure your aware that at this time of year things can fill up very fast

So if you want in on that as a new member or someone who hasn’t been in for over a year then be sure to follow the links on those emails or reply to me here!

And also for you hardcore folks that want to bring your game to the next level,

Our Platinum program is also starting back up next Monday the 8th in both facilities so if you want a slot in them be sure to contact us ASAP

Think Big And Kick Ass


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