It’s D Day

Jan 3rd, 2018

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It’s D Day


It’s that time of the year folks!

We can already see the “MotivationalSpeakers” selling their seminars on how to make 2018 “your year” and how they will unlock the secret to reveal your inner blah blah blah

All of which I think is complete and utter BS!!

Don’t get me wrong your mindset is very important but I would love to know the stats of how many people leave these seminars and 12 months later have applied the information for genuine life changing results

I would say the stats are very low indeed

which is why these guys get testimonials, nowadays video testimonials, straight after the event when people are jacked up on adrenaline and “motivational talk”

It’s always good to educate yourself and keep learning but at some point you have to man up, or woman up, and get the work done!

Which is pretty much sacrilegious to say in this day and age but that’s just the truth!

and I like doing a little email like this at this time of year as it’s a good way to separate the people that genuinely want to make change (Click here to find out what’s a game changer….)

to those that just want to hear themselves talk about it!

And for those who want to spend another 12 months following 200 different people on Social Media for their advice

and bounce around from gym to gym

and bounce around from diet to diet

and blame everyone else but themselves for their situation

then the unsubscribe link is below!

A good clear out is always good to start a new year anyway!

I know, this isn’t very “New Years resolution” of me when compared to everyone else (Click here to find about the 12 Week Year)

But I’m saying this for your own good!

It’s something I have only learnt myself really in the past 12 months or so

There’s a point where you have more than enough information and more than enough access to facilites

where you just have to shut up and work your ass off to see where it takes you.

That dawned on me last year and I will need to understand that as we look forward to opening facility number 3 this coming Monday!

and I’m telling you this information for free!

No one loves learning new things and going to a good conference more than me

but if we focus more on applying what we already know then we would be much better off!

Remember we have 6 Week program’s starting next Monday for any beginners out there who just want to get started

and for those that want to really challenge themselves this year and make even bigger progress then be sure to check out our Platinum program where you do 2 sessions of weights a week and unlimited classes along with that!

Think Big And Kick Ass



As always during our busy periods I would ask that you attend the 10:30 and 4:00 slots whenever possible.

The other times tend to suit people a lot better so can get busy so if your flexible enough then please try to make those other times to balance our numbers out as best we can.


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