My “Pathetic” 40kg Clean

Jan 12th, 2018

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My “Pathetic” 40kg Clean

You know I like to try and be straight honest in these emails and this one may have me sleeping in the dog house this wkend but I’m gonna chance my arm anyway

If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen I put up a little pic of my 40kg Cleans that I did 2 set of 8 reps on….

If you don’t know what a clean is then basically it’s just a more advanced exercise of getting a barbell from the floor to shoulder height as quickly as possible I suppose is the handiest way of explaining it

YouTube if you want to see it in action


My picture was quickly followed by a voice note from herself asking why would I put up a pic of that and that 40kgs is pathetic for a guy my age/ size etc and that I should actually be lifting 2/3 times that….

To which I sent one back explaining why,

in no uncertain terms of course!

The reason is pretty simple…

Yes, for a guy my size who’s so into fitness etc there is nothing to get excited about lifting 40kg on a clean

Nothing at all in fact!!

Playing football all my life I like to think I have decent cardio and reasonable strength levels from some strength style training and circuit training over the years!

But here’s why I put stuff like that up…

To show that I have my battles to win just like everyone else and just like all our members…

Your battle might be to do 1 full push up and you think you are a loser because you can’t

Well my battle is to get my clean built up to something better than what some 12 year old girl is probably doing in a crossfit class somewhere…..

And 1 big lesson I have learnt over the years is that success is a relative term

It means different things to us all in various aspects of our lives….

For someone being able to go for a walk and not be out of breath is a massive success and they have had to work hard to get to that point

While for others that maybe “laughable” and they need to be running good distances in good times

We all have strengths and weaknesses and no matter how good we think we are or our lives is

We have weaknesses somewhere! (Click here to find out about Hitting Personal Bests)

The last thing I ever want to become is like the people on Social Media who are only ever “Beasting it” and only putting people off exercise rather than encouraging them to do exercise.

So while my clean may need a lot of work, it’s all about the challenge and progressing as we go

None of us are the “finished article”

Think Big And Kick Ass



Dundalk folk be sure to remember that people can start the 6 Week program at ANY time

So if you have a friend or family member that’s interested then be sure to let them know that their 6 weeks starts whenever they do their first class…

Obviously we are trying to build things up so if you have found it good so far we would really appreciate you spreading the word and trying to bring just ONE person in.


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