Should I do Core everyday?

Jan 26th, 2018

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Should I do Core everyday?

After 1 of the quieter sessions last week I got chatting to a few members about doing core training everyday

The chat obviously worked it’s way round to Diet and it’s importance in loosing belly fat

as all these chats always end up!

It has been great chatting to various members in Dundalk that are finding the emails helpful and that they are learning things that they can put into practice ASAP

Don’t worry, after another few months you will be sick looking at me like everyone else 🙂


The answer would be that Yes,

you could do core training everyday if you so desire! (Click here for a Core Workout)

The main reason I think you would do it is if your Training and Diet are very good and you really want to get your abs popping out!

When you are consistently doing solid resistance training and nailing your diet then doing consistent ab work would be really beneficial to get ripped (Click here to find out The Key To Been Consistent)

not absolutely necessary of course

but beneficial!

Doing the Resistance training and getting your Nutrition on point will help to get your Body Fat percentage down and it’s only when you get your BF% down then your abs will show.

The most beneficial side of doing consistent core work is that it will transfer into all your other exercises such as Squats, Deadlifts, Lunges etc

which will make all your workouts much more beneficial!


Most people are only asking to see if it will help shift some belly fat for them

doing it to try and lose the belly fat and allow you to eat more junk food isNOT a good reason to do so.

There is only 1 way to rid that unwanted belly fat for good

and that’s through good old fashioned hard work and consistency!

As we went on to discuss you want to be getting 80% of your food through good quality food while hitting your Protein, getting your Fruit and Veg in, drink water and good quality carbs

That’s just the way it is with Diet if you genuinely want to succeed long term and every day is a new day to get up and after it….

Think Big And KickAss



Now that Stephen is back and we are in the process of getting back to a little bit of normality I am opening up options for Personal Training with our trainers

There are plenty of people out there who would rather the 1-2-1 treatment than the group training

and when training with us you get to train in a facility all on your own rather than in the middle of a gym with people walking about everywhere.

The Personal Training is available in all 3 facilities and we just have to arrange times that suit both you and the trainer, which unfortunately isn’t always possible…

But if you fill out the form I will get back to you and try to see what we can arrange…

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