The BEST Way to Improve your Results!!

Jan 29th, 2018

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The BEST Way to Improve your Results!!

Here we go for another week and it is now the 4th full week of January and we are coming into February

You won’t find it till xmas at this rate 🙂

But time does fly in and it’s funny that we got over that month after plotting. planing and nervously looking towards that month since about last September when I knew we we’re gonna open in Dundalk and I also knew I had to cover of our trainers

And like most things in life that we fear it ends up passing by without any great drama,

unless of course we go looking for drama!


we have 2 more trainers to now get trained up in the coming weeks and a rather long “To Do” list that needs attacking.

And today I just want to talk to you about something that I have been thinking about myself lately and especially over the wkend

and something that I think is VITAL to your Fitness & Health success

It is probably even more relevant at this time of year as loads of people decided in the new year that they we’re gonna get fit

but they also decided that

“I will get myself fit first and then join a class”

and now 4 weeks in they realise that’s not really getting them anywhere.

So what do I think is the BEST way to improve your results??

Train with someone or a group (Click here to find out about Gym Versus Group Training)

at least for 50% of your training!

Someone at your own level or even a little ahead of you that’s gonna train properly and not just be arsing about (What level are you at?)

This will always push you on more than training on your own


The past year and as I get older and I don’t have as much time to waste I am starting to look at every opportunity to train with others

Like I said at least 50% if even 75% of the time!

Even if you can’t get a Training partner then hire a PT or coach or someone to push you on..

The odd workout doing your thing is always cool as well but to much of that will lead to messing about on the phone, getting lost thinking about stuff etc

We went for our first run of the season with the Football on Saturday afternoon and while I was still solid in the runs they really pushed me

way way way beyond anything I would do on my own.

If you have any fire in your belly at all that competitive instinct kicks in and your determined to catch the person in front of you and/ or not let the person behind you get in front of you….

This is a big reason we are seeing a massive rise in these training style gyms as people want somewhere to go to get a good workout in

It’s also another reason I get coaches for various aspects of my business to look at things from afar and challenge me to be better..

Remember to get the week started off on the right foot and get your workout in today


And also remember that 10:30 and 4:00 are our quietest classes so try to make them if you can.

Think Big And Kick Ass



Speaking of getting yourself a trainer..

As I said Friday the Trainers are all looking for a few extra Personal Training clients to fill their schedules so we are looking at taking on 2 PT clients in each facility.

If you want the more Personal approach then fill out the form below and we will get back to you

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